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Since God Hates Walls, Nancy Pelosi Is Going to Save Us With “Electronic Dogs” (Video)

Nancy Pelosi Army of Electronic Dogs

TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS HOST: As the federal shutdown continues, Democrats have coalesced around a rationale for their continued opposition to a border wall. It’s not that walls are too expensive. That was a laughable argument coming from the left. It’s not that walls don’t work. Of course they do. Everyone knows that. The problem, they’re now telling us, is that God doesn’t like walls. They’re immoral. As Beto O’Rourke noted the other day, walls quote, “ensure death.” Building them is the same as committing murder.

Democrat Ilhan Omar of Minnesota has been in congress only for a matter of weeks, but already she strongly agrees with this:
OMAR: I demand that the president end his temper tantrums and quest for a racist and sinful big wall.

Racist and sinful. That’s what walls are. Once you understand that, it makes you think. There are an awful lot of walls in this country. Now that we know they’re an offense against God, how can we let them stand? That’s a real question for the city of El Paso, Texas. El Paso is on the border. Right across the way is Juarez, Mexico. El Paso is calm and peaceful and pretty. Juarez is violent and chaotic. It’s one of the most dangerous cities in the world. How can these two places exist side by side? Simple: there’s a wall between them. Congresswoman Veronica Escobar now represents El Paso. She just replaced Beto O’Rourke. Escobar says it may be time to knock down that sinful wall:

ESCOBAR: We know that walls don’t work. They don’t stop drugs. They don’t stop migration.

CNN ANCHOR: El Paso has a wall. You say it doesn’t work. Would you ever call for the removal of the wall there?

ESCOBAR: “You know, it’s really ugly, it is I think a monument to division. We’ve always had fencing along the U.S.-Mexico border. I’m a lifelong resident, it always was there. But the bigger, taller and uglier they get, they just become symbols.

A monument to division. That’s what El Paso’s congresswoman calls her city’s wall, and she’s right. Walls do divide. That’s the point of having them. There are some things people would like to be divided from, like endemic corruption and murderous drug cartels. How do you accomplish that without walls? Nancy Pelosi has been thinking about this recently. Here’s her solution:

PELOSI: And then we talk about technology. Several hundred million dollars for the technology to scan the cars coming through the ports of entry and that is to detect guns. It’s like an electronic dog almost to detect drugs, guns and contraband.

An electronic dog. Of course. How obvious. It was right there in plain sight and we missed it. The rest of us were thinking about security in medieval terms — walls, fences, actual living dogs — but leave it to the congresswoman from our technology capital out in California to think bigger. You’re looking at the solution of the future: An electronic dog. Brilliant. This show has exclusively obtained a prototype of Speaker Pelosi’s digital canine. Here it is:

[video of robot dog]

Just kidding. We pulled that off the internet. Probably not so different from the real thing. We’ll see.

In the meantime, let’s take Nancy Pelosi and Beto O’Rourke and the entire editorial staffs of the other cable channels seriously for a minute. Let’s concede that walls are in fact immoral. How do we respond once we’ve accepted that? We can’t simply prevent Donald Trump from building a wall. That’s not enough. We’ve got to do something about the countless walls of wickedness that degrade and pollute America’s moral landscape: The wall that keeps poor people out of Barack Obama’s house in Washington. The wall that protects George Soros’s place in Southhampton. The wall at the Pelosi family compound in Napa, not to mention the one around Mark Zuckerberg’s estate in Hawaii. The gated communities of Brentwood. The walled gardens of Brooklyn. Level all of them, make them flat. Do it now, tonight, before an angry God turns us all to pillars of salt for ignoring his anti-wall commandment. Speaker Pelosi, tear down these walls!

And once you’ve done that, turn the bulldozer of righteousness outward, to the world. Israel is surrounded by walls on virtually all sides. Does Nancy Pelosi know this? Will she withhold billions in military aid until those walls are gone? That’s a moral question now. What’s the answer? And how about Tunisia and Jordan? We helped pay for those countries’ walls? We’re implicated in those walls. Will we pay to take them down? How much do we really care about our souls?

We contacted Speaker Pelosi today to find out. She didn’t reply. Neither did the other Democrats we called. It turns out they have no plans to eliminate anyone else’s walls, and certainly not their own. They just don’t want a wall that might protect America. They don’t think our country deserves it. Just yesterday, The New York Times ran a piece by a man called Farhad Manjoo, demanding that the United States get rid of its borders entirely. If ten million, a hundred million, a billion people want to move here, so be it. It isn’t our right to keep them out. It’s only our obligation to pay for it. That’s their position. They’re telling us that God agrees.