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Report: Thousands Dropped From Food Stamps Due to Work Requirements

welfare recipients required to work

Obama put millions of entitled Americans on welfare, allowing them to freeload off people who actually work for a living.

Unfortunately, we have become a welfare society, and there are those who do take advantage of the system. It is a sad state of affairs. This shows exactly what America has come to understand Obama’s reign. He has encouraged these illegals to cripple America and that has happened. While many Americans slave away putting in 40 or more hours a week just to make ends meet, there are other members of our society enjoying collecting welfare checks on American taxpayer’s dime.

Georgia went one step further and forced food stamps recipients to work or lose their food stamps!

Thousands of Georgians have lost their food stamps after the state gave them an ultimatum: Get a job or lose your benefits.

Georgia has been rolling out work requirements for food stamp recipients for over a year. The latest round affected some 12,000 people in 21 counties, several in metro Atlanta, who are considered able-bodied without children.

When the April 1 deadline came around for them to find work, more than half — 7,251 — were dropped from the program, according to state figures released this week. Essentially, the number of recipients spiraled down from 11,779 to 4,528, or a drop of 62 percent.

Views on the work mandate vary widely, and intensely. People on the political right see the requirement as a nudge to those who languish on public benefits. But those on the left believe many people who the state deems able-bodied really cannot hold a job due to physical or mental limitations. And they worry these people will suffer without the assistance.

State officials say they plan to expand the work requirements to all 159 counties by 2019, with another 60 coming on board next year.

Food stamps come from federal dollars, but the program here is managed by DFCS. Some 1.6 million Georgians receive food stamps.

The number of food stamp recipients deemed able-bodied and without children in Georgia has dropped from 111,000 to 89,500 in a year’s time. That is an uncommon reduction of 21,500 people or 19 percent. Officials say they have no firm reason for the sharp decrease, though they suspect a statewide review of this population may have played a role.

April 1 was their deadline for finding work.

January 2017 — 11,779

February — 11,419

March — 11,356

April — 4,528

We should do this in every other state!

Do away with Food Stamps would help the taxpayer’s burden big time. Drain the swamp, clean the house, get rid of those “abusive” hands-out programs please, Mr. President. We, the Patriots, are with you all the way. You’re doing great so far. Don’t break that momentum. President Trump, the world of Law and Order wants you! God bless you!

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  1. This is so wrong us needs to stop the trillions of dollars feeding the war machine thats wants to usher in the NWO!

    • Don’t you know that all of the ones who dropped and went away already have income under the table they don’t report, like selling drugs? They are capable of working.

  2. I believe this to be what was needed years ago. Those who receive an assistance check of any kind should also have to do and pass drug testing. Most employers require a drug test so those who are benefiting from our tax dollars should also have to take these. I do not have a problem paying and helping those who truly need help…it is the free-loaders that upset me.

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