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Tommy Robinson Begs President Trump To Grant Him Political Asylum In The USA

Tommy Robinson is a real patriot he is what we need at the moment he is from England but we need more people like him here in the USA!

Before he was arrested he took a video of illegals who are covering their faces, running to their vehicles to get away.

He has now launched a public appeal for Donald Trump to grant him asylum as he faces imprisonment.

The anti-Islam activist, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, was found to have committed contempt of court last week.

Ahead of his sentencing hearing on Thursday, Robinson appeared on the Infowars channel to broadcast a message to the US president.

“I beg Donald Trump, I beg the American government, to look at my case,” he said on Monday. “I need evacuation from this country because dark forces are at work.”

Tommy Robinson was arrested outside Leeds court in May 2018 for an alleged breach of the peace. Tommy was tried before a judge on the same day, he was denied the ability to speak with his legal team. Tommy was then sentenced & imprisoned for 13 months for ‘contempt of court’ all within the space of a few hours.

Whilst in prison Tommy was placed in higher category jails than he should have been for his so-called crime. He was put in danger by being placed on the landings with other Muslim inmates who were giving him death threats daily! Tommy refused to eat the food served to him by the same inmates who wanted to kill him, so he only ate canned tuna, 1 per day! He was locked up 23 hours a day & denied the correct amount of money that he should have been able to spend on his own food!

Finally, Tommy had success with his appeal where the judge said he was unfairly tried & correct procedures were not followed. Tommy was then bailed from prison looking very thin & ill after his ordeal in August 2018.

Tommy’s case was then sent to another judge at the Old Bailey in October 2018 who referred the case to the Attorney General, Geoffrey Cox QC MP.

Tommy appeared back in court in March 2019 where his case was adjourned until May 2019. At the May court case, Tommy was told he was being tried for contempt of court again. Then Tommy received his new court case date through the 4th & 5th of July 2019.

On the second day (5th July) of Tommy’s 2-day trial,l, he was charged with 3 charges.
1st charge – Breaching Reporting Restriction – Tommy followed the reporting restriction guidelines published on the judiciary’s own website where it clearly states that the court has no power to restrict information already in the public domain. Tommy only read the information that was already in the public domain from the BBC news website! The Government Lawyers response in court was ‘the document on the judiciary website was wrong!”
2nd Charge – Causing the rapists anxiety – They actually said that because Tommy asked the now convicted child rapists how they felt about the verdict, that could have caused them to feel anxious and interfered with the proceedings.
3rd Charge – Taking a picture of the Child rapists entering court has now been deemed contempt of court. Every single mainstream media newspaper printed pictures of Tommy entering court yesterday but that’s fine.

Do you think that President Trump should grant political asylum to Tommy Robinson?

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