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Traitors Alert! 10 Republican Senators May Oppose Trump’s Border Emergency Declaration

Republicans In Congress Have Never Really Supported Trump’s Border Wall

Despite their rhetoric, Republicans in Congress have shown through their own inaction that they don’t really support the President’s border wall.

When have they all come out to support this President and us. Not often if ever.

Today they confirmed that again!

Republicans are backing away from their latest promise to President Trump.

They said that they would help him with the declared national emergency but now the true faces of the RINO’s was finally revealed!
Senator Rand Paul told reporters today up to 10 Republican Senators may vote against President Trump and his border emergency declaration.

“I think there will be 10 Republican ‘no’ votes. Possibly more,” Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said Monday. “If (you) look at the history of not only our government, but other governments around the world, governments that begin to be run by emergencies, really bad things can happen.”
There are four official “yes” votes among Republicans as of Tuesday: Paul, Maine Sen. Susan Collins, Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski and North Carolina Sen. Thom Tillis.

The names of the others will be revealed soon but this could be a huge problem for President Trump!

During his CPAC speech President Trump tried to explain why Republicans must back him and help him build the Wall:

“There’s a lot of spirit in the House, and I think in the Senate too, but we’re going to have to see because we have a vote coming up.
“And a lot of people talk about precedent. Precedent. That if we do this, the Democrats will use national emergency powers for something that we don’t want. They’re going to do that anyway, folks. The best way to stop that is to make sure that I win the election. That’s the best way to stop that. They’re going to do it anyway. They’ll do it anyway.”

I was livid with Trump for ending the shutdown by signing that terrible bill. It was a truly horrible bill that back door-ed amnesty. His declaration of emergency seemed the least he could do.

But, after watching how the GOP continuously stabs him in the back, I’m inclined to cut Trump some slack and believe he is doing the best he can while fighting the America hating leftists in BOTH parties.