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Trump Celebrates Three CNN Employees Resigning Over Phony Russia Story

Trump celebrates 3 CNN employees quitting over fake news

President Trump responded to the news that three CNN employees lost their jobs over a retracted news story, then called for the network to take additional action for other “phony stories” they have reported.

“Wow, CNN had to retract big story on ‘Russia,’ with 3 employees forced to resign. What about all the other phony stories they do? FAKE NEWS!” Trump tweeted.

He then retweeted a graphic of the CNN logo mocked up as “FNN” for “Fake News Network.”

Two hours later, Trump added, “Fake News CNN is looking at big management changes now that they got caught falsely pushing their phony Russian stories. Ratings way down!”

Trump also asked if other media outlets will take action on coverage of his administration.

“So they caught Fake News CNN cold, but what about NBC, CBS & ABC? What about the failing @nytimes & @washingtonpost?They are all Fake News!” Trump wrote.

CNN has gone far beyond ethical journalism and continues to push a Trump-Russia collusion narrative, although there is no evidence of it.

A CNN producer recently admitted on undercover camera that there is no evidence for the Trump-Russia story and that Jeff Zucker, President of CNN, directs producers to push Trump-Russia stories over other relevant news for ratings.

Last Friday, CNN published a story alleging ties between Trump associate Anthony Scaramucci and a $10 billion Russian investment fund. The report cited one anonymous source and was deleted and then retracted from CNN’s website after internal scrutiny determined “the story wasn’t solid enough to publish as-is.”

“CNN Investigates” reporter Thomas Frank; the story’s editor, Eric Lichtblau; and “CNN Investigates” executive editor Lex Haris resigned early this week.

Could CNN be imploding before our eyes?

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