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Trump: Someone should look into who paid for the small organized rallies yesterday. The election is over!


Well, since Trump shut down the media’s Russia fantasy by launching dozens of cruise missiles at Putin’s buddy, Assad, theymedia are back to their idiotic call for Trump to release his tax returns. What they’re truly hoping to find is anyone’s guess, but they have this fantasy that, should his tax returns ever be made public, Trump would immediately have to resign in disgrace.

Bizarre, I know, but it prompted several small protests across the country on Saturday. While the left wing idiots naturally got more than their fair share of adulation from the media, Trump posed a simple question that had liberal journalists losing their minds!

Here’s his Tweet:

Here’s a portion of the media’s unhinged response as documented by Breitbart:

Trump calls for investigation into Tax Day protesters, tweets ‘election is over!’” reads a CNBC.com article.

After noting an initial Trump tweet on the difficulty of a Republican winning the Electoral College, NBC News reported:

The president then followed up by repeating an unsubstantiated claim he’s made before that some of the protesters against him were “paid,” an allegation that became popular in some right-wing circles in the build up to the 2016 presidential election, before noting that the election was “over.”

Trump’s Tweets Give Tax Day Marchers at Least Part of What They Wanted,” noted the headline in a Vanity Fair report. The article’s sub-headline reads: “He may never release his tax returns, but thousands of marchers around the country got their message heard.”

None of the media outlets, however, actually answered Trump’s question. Well, except for Breitbart — and they did it back in February:

Organizers of the March claim to be “ordinary Americans, community organizers, advocates, and people from all walks of life and all backgrounds joining together to raise our voices and send a bold message to this administration.”

In February, Breitbart News documented a section of the Tax Day March website titled, “Who is organizing it?” The website for the Tax March listed the following eight groups, six of which are either funded by Soros or tied to Soros financing.

The Tax March is grateful to have the support of the following organizations: American Federation of Teachers, Americans for Tax Fairness, Center for Popular Democracy, Indivisible Project, MoveOn.Org, Our Revolution, and The Working Families Party.

That’s right… your favorite globalist Georg Soros is the money and “brains” behind this whole operation.

Thank God Trump beat out Hillary and is in the White House. Who knows what kind of world we’d be living in now if she had won!


  1. Everyone knows Obama and his croneys were the ringleaders of the protest thru Organizing for Action Obamas group to fight Trump every step of the way with 250 offices nationwide and 30,000 employees. Obama is a traitor and a pussy

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