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Trump Surges To Six-Point Lead Over Joe Biden After Debate

In the days following President Joe Biden’s disastrous performance in his first debate against former President Donald Trump, Biden’s poll numbers appear to have plummeted.

In a post-debate poll issued by CNN, the very same media outlet that hosted the debate, Republican candidate Trump assumed a six-point lead over his Democrat rival.

Trump receives 49% to Biden’s 43% in a head-to-head match-up between the two contenders. When third-party candidates are included, Trump maintains his lead, receiving 41% to Biden’s 35%. Independent left-wing populist candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. received 14%, while Green Party contender Jill Stein received 3% and far-left independent Cornel West received 2%. The Libertarian Party’s Chase Oliver, who advocates open borders and unrestricted free markets, received a paltry 1%.

However, this is not to say that President Trump’s advantage is solely against Biden. CNN also polled him against potentially Democrat replacement candidates. Trump led California Governor Gavin Newsom by 5%, Vice President Kamala Harris by 2%, Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg by 43% and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer by 5%. This suggests that while Biden may well be the weakest Democrat candidate, the American people are sick and tired of the globalist, America Last agenda promoted by the entire Democratic Party.

These poll results represent a major success for Trump’s America First platform, which emphasizes economic nationalism, tax reductions for the working class, cracking down on crime, reducing regulations on cryptocurrency and staying out of endless foreign wars. Trump is likely to tout his policy agenda further at the upcoming Republican National Convention, which formally begins in Milwaukee on July 15.