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US Soccer Journalist Grant Wahl Died At The Stadium Yesterday – In A Chilling Video His Brother Says He Was Killed For Supporting The LGBT Religion At The World Cup And His Last Post Raised Even More Suspicion

Renowned soccer journalist Grant Wahl has died, the U.S. Soccer Federation reported Friday. Wahl, 48, was in Qatar covering the World Cup when he passed away.

Wahl’s agent, Tim Scanlan, said that the journalist “appeared to have suffered some sort of acute distress in the press room” of the stadium during the quarterfinal match between Argentina and the Netherlands, when the two teams began playing in extra time. Paramedics were called to the scene, Scanlan said, but were unable to revive him. 

Qatari officials said in a statement that Wahl “received immediate medical treatment on site, which continued as he was transferred by ambulance to Hamad General Hospital.” The exact cause of death is not yet known. 

Wahl had been tweeting during the match, which was part of the eighth World Cup he had covered.

Wahl spoke about his health on his Spotify podcast Thursday, saying that he had contracted bronchitis while covering the World Cup. 

“I took some time off here myself,” Wahl told listeners. “We had two days off here without games. Seventeen straight days of games and my body, I think, told me, even when the U.S. went out, ‘Dude, you are not sleeping enough,’ and it rebelled on me. So I’ve had a case of bronchitis this week. I’ve been to the medical center at the clinic twice now, including today. I am feeling better today. I basically cancelled everything on this Thursday that I had, and I napped, and I am doing slightly better. You can probably tell by my voice that I am not doing 100% here.” 

I know you don’t want to hear the conspiracies, but goodness, how many more healthy people in their prime have to suddenly collapse and die before we ask what’s causing this recent trend that was never heard of until about January 2021?

The conspiracies are already floating around – and no, not from the alt-right, but from the Left.

Wahl’s brother, who is gay, believes Wahl was targeted and killed for supporting the LGBT religion.

His brother made the announcement on Instagram and believes foul play is involved.

Eric Wahl is gay. He is the reason his brother stood in solidarity with the LGBTQ community. Officials at the stadium refused to let him in because of the shirt. Grant Wahl also exposed the mistreatment of migrant workers at the World Cup. It definitely feels like he upset someone and they made him pay for it.

At the end of regular time in the Argentina/Netherlands game, Wahl tweeted this out:

The last article written by Grant:

I wouldn’t be surprised if the media ran with this angle. A fit sports writer in his 40s died suddenly, collapsing in the middle of a crowd for no reason at all? The Muslims must have poisoned him for loving gay people! Putin is probably involved! Russian collusion!

Before we start going full conspiracy theory, why don’t we look at some data points.

Everyone (on a certain side of the sociopolitical aisle) is shocked that this man suddenly collapsed.

But I see it daily in the headlines: Young, fit people just keeling over and dying for no given reason at all. I’ve lost track of how many people – especially men between 15 and 35 – have collapsed while working out or died in their sleep over the past year. The videos are especially haunting.

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