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Veteran Speaks Out Who Lost Legs Because Obama Was Afraid to Use Bombs (Video)

Veteran destorys Obama's military stradegy

Early in his Presidency, a completely undeserving Barack Obama was given a “Nobel Peace Prize” for accomplishing nothing.

In the next 8 years, perhaps in an effort to live up to his prize and to be “politically correct,” many soldiers lost their lives and were injured because Obama was afraid of unwanted publicity more than American lives. He would not let the military use all of the tools at their disposal in an attempt at information control.

One brave veteran, former bomb technician Johnny Jones spoke out and in a viral tweet explaining how he lost his legs because the Obama admin would rather risk U.S. ground troops then have it report that he used bombs.

In an interview on Fox News, Jones discussed what the military under the command of Obama did wrong, and what the Trump military is doing right.

How can anyone criticize the use of the MOAB once you realize Johnny would still have his legs if Obama had used bombs instead of risking his life?
Watch the interview in the video below.

It sure is nice Obama was concerned about information control and did all he could to maintain his image with his liberal supporters over protecting our soldiers.

What a swell guy he was.

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