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Video: Armed Buffalo Citizens Decided To Take Matters Into Their Own Hands When An “Army” Of Looters Ransacked Their Stores

At least 39 people have died from the wintry weather wreaking havoc across the U.S. over Christmas weekend.

The highest number of fatalities is in New York state, where 17 people have died in the wake of a massive snowstorm, according to New York Gov. Kathy Hochul.

In the middle of this wintery devastation, certain individuals decided this was an opportunity to destroy local businesses by looting them.
At approximately 1730 EST, reports began to emerge in local media of looting incidents in Buffalo, NY, where residents are becoming desperate after three days of intense snowfall and cold temperatures. New York State Police confirmed the looting incidents.

However, in the last 30 minutes, social media users have claimed that vigilantes have been firing on looters. In multiple Facebook posts, users reported that “women are trying to rob the Arabian weave store, and they are getting shot at…”

Another woman claimed that “white boys dressed in… big hats…” were aiming guns at looters and firing at her.

The only reported location of these shootings was Walden Avenue in Buffalo. However, emergency services have not been dispatched to the area for gunshot wound victims. It appears that, as of this post, looting is ongoing at several stores in Buffalo.

Video has emerged of individuals firing at looters in the area of 2600 block of Bailey Avenue in Buffalo, NY.

Video below:

It seems that armed citizens took maters into their own hands and decided to seek justice!

Another video:

As a massive winter storm continues to blast much of the US with brutal winter weather — leading to at least 52 deaths nationwide — parts of western New York have been buried by up to 43 inches of snow, leaving vehicles stuck and power out for thousands during the Christmas weekend.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul told CNN the storm is the “most devastating storm in Buffalo’s long storied history.” The heavy snowfall and blizzard conditions made roads impassable with zero visibility, froze power substations and left at least 17 people across the state dead as of Sunday night.
That’s when the Second Amendment kicks in to restore law and order!

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