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Video: Man Steals 82-Year-Old Man’s Cane Inside A Corner Store Assaults Him In The Process – The Old Man Ask For A Rematch

An 82-year-old man was punched on the head and robbed while he was trying to buy an espresso at the Lower East Side in New York.

It was all caught on a camera shortly before 6:30 a.m. Wednesday inside a bodega on East Broadway close to Clinton Street.

Surveillance video exhibits the suspect increase his fist earlier than putting the sufferer and working off along with his cane.

Police mentioned the suspect had demanded cash from the person, however, the victim refused to give him his money.

He suffered minor head damage however refused medical intervention on the scene.

Video below:

The feisty 82-year-old Manhattan man is ready for round two with the deranged deli mugger who swiped his cane.

“I want to kill him,” said victim Bernard Serlin, 82, in a Thursday interview with the Daily News. “He had no business doing that to me … Really, I’m not a violent guy. But he deserves to die, this guy.”

People in the store confirmed that the attacker should also be charged for a hate crime because he also used racial slurs.

The elderly man typically hands out dollar bills to the homeless people gathered outside, according to a store employee.