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Video: BLM Looters Looting Each Other After They Stole A Merchandise From The Nearest Store

Walnut Creek police and city officials warned businesses Sunday that the same group of thieves that targeted a Nordstrom at Broadway Plaza on Saturday night may try to steal from shops again in the next few days.

While the thievery threat is unconfirmed, and a specific location and time remain unknown, police who are “actively monitoring intelligence” said in a community tweet that businesses “may consider closing early or taking other precautions … out of an abundance of caution.”

According to the tweet, the Walnut Creek police are calling out additional officers and reserves.

Some stores in the area were heeding the advice of the police. The manager of the MAC Cosmetics store at Broadway Plaza confirmed they were closing early yesterday and will do so again today. Employees at the Tiffany & Co. jewelry store on South Main Street said they were taking extra precautions but wouldn’t offer specifics.

Things have gotten so out of control in the Walnut Creek area of San Francisco, BLM looters are now looting each other.

Video of that incident is below:

Black Friday apparently means 100% off in San Francisco. Best of luck, retailers.

Local sources in California report that the individuals that are looting stores are the same they saw during last year’s intense BLM protests!

San Francisco’s notoriously woke District Attorney Chesa Boudin says his office has filed criminal charges against nine people involved in Friday’s brazen organized theft of a Louis Vuitton store – with more arrests to come.

The progressive top prosecutor has come under enormous pressure in recent days following a spate of viral videos which show organized groups of thieves ransacking and looting designer stores in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Boudin told reporters during a news conference in San Francisco on Tuesday that the suspects will be charged with crimes including looting, grand theft, burglary, possession of stolen property, firearm possession, commercial burglary.

Two of those arrested were found to be in possession of firearms, according to the district attorney.

The arraignments for the suspects are scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

Boudin said that his office will ask the court to keep the suspects remanded to jail.

‘Ultimately in every single case including this, it is the decision of the judges and the Superior Court of San Francisco whether somebody stays in custody pending trial or whether they are released,’ Boudin told KPIX-TV, adding, ‘similarly, it is the decision of the judges of the Superior Court of San Francisco to decide what sentence should be imposed including whether charges in many instances filed as felonies as this year or subsequently reduced.

‘My office has some discretion in that matter and judges have discretion as well.’

‘We anticipate more arrests will be forthcoming,’ Boudin told reporters on Tuesday.

‘This is not something that’s limited to one neighborhood or one designer store. This is something that affects all of us as San Franciscans.’

The news conference was originally scheduled to take place outdoors, but protesters carrying signs denouncing Boudin and BLM were chanting nearby, forcing staffers to move the press briefing indoors.