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Video Captured The Shocking Moment A US Marine Attacks Two Female San Diego Hotel Workers Before Being Knocked Out By A Metal Lamp

The physical assault took place on New Year’s Eve at a San Diego hotel.

Hotel worker Ronnie Toms defended her little coworker by fighting off the attacker.

The US Marine Corps confirmed to DailyMail.com that Jason Frink is a Marine.

The man was hospitalized but it is unclear what injuries he sustained in the attack.

Toms suffered hip and leg injuries from the assault.

Clearly intoxicated the marine shoves the woman working the front desk after she tells him he doesn’t have a room there, and then squares up to the security guard before attacking her.

BIG mistake…

The woman grabs a lamp and gives the marine a beatdown of a lifetime.

It’s hard to see exactly what went down (since it’s hard to fight a grown man and film at the same time), but it looks like the marine was leaking by the end of it.

Ronnie the woman who defended herself explained more of the story, including some details about her injuries, in the caption:

“This is not a video to encourage violence. ‘Aggressive Daren’ this is not how I wanted my year to end. I had no choice but to defend my 4’10 coworker and as well as myself (we are both women).

WATCH (warning: graphic video)

Video below:

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