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Video: Cops Shoot Man Who Pointed Gun At Them – Victim’s Family Demands Justice


People started to hate the police because of the political influence the Obama’s administration had.

Lately, every case of a police shooting is investigated and right from the beginning the mains suspect is the police officer.

Yesterday there was a case in Boca Raton Boulevard in the Woodhaven neighborhood.

Bodycam video from an officer-involved shooting on Wednesday showed that 18-year-old Amari Malone was pointing a handgun at officers when he was fatally shot

Worth Star-Telegram reported that the incident occurred at about 5:45 p.m. on Aug. 21.

Fort Worth Interim Police Chief Ed Kraus told reporters at a press conference on Thursday that the 18 year old became a suspect in an Aug. 5 homicide on the west side of the city after he was “seen at the murder scene with a pistol.”

Investigators had information on Malone’s location and officers were on the lookout for the suspect when they spotted him.

Fort Worth Police Sergeant Chris Daniels said officers stopped to try to talk to him, but Malone bolted, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Bodycam video from both officers showed how quickly the suspect took off when he was approached.

Video below:

People started to hate the police because of the political influence the Obama's administration had. Lately, every case of a police shooting is investigated and right from the beginning the mains suspect is the police officer. Yesterday there was a case in Boca Raton Boulevard in the Woodhaven neigh

Family and community members reacted with outrage to the news of the fatal shooting.

So Chief Kraus released the bodycam footage less than 24 hours after the incident in an effort to calm people as inflammatory social media post grew.

“We wanted to release enough to dispel some of the misinformation out there and give accurate information of what the officers faced on the scene,” the chief told reporters at the press conference.

Malone’s family has already hired a civil rights attorney to represent them, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported.

He brushed off the allegations that Malone had recently committed a murder.

“The crime that needs to be investigated right now is the murder of an 18 year old in Fort Worth,” he said.

Malone’s older brother, Bonnell Juvi, said that his sibling didn’t carry a gun and that he doesn’t believe that he would be involved in a murder, KTVT reported.

He said his little brother was “a young black kid getting his act together” who had become a father the week before he died.

Juvi said police didn’t need to shoot Malone, KTVT reported.

“Eventually, stuff like this has got to stop,” he said. “It’s just like an ongoing thing, like over and over and over. They keep pulling young people from out of the community.”

“We want justice,” Juvi told KTVT.

Thank GOD more and more departments are providing officers with BWCs.

I applaud Chief Kraus for releasing the footage less than 24 hours after the event…and, I hope this kind of quick action will be embraced by ALL departments issuing BWCs after an OIS.

The fake “outrage” that comes from family and community members after something like this is documented on video is disgusting.

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    • “at an officer”? I will have you know that anyone who points a gun at ANYONE deserves to be shot. I have just as much right to defend myself as any unionized government parasite.

      • You are exactly right. Those sovereign citizen cops are never held to account when they commit murder as they did to the Tuttle family in Houston. Chief Acevado(sp?) should be jailed and the cops that executed that couple deserve to be executed as well

      • Wrong. Pointing guns at bad guys (and stopping them) is a good thing. Pointing guns at innocents is a bad thing. Are you really that confused as to not recognize the difference?

        • Why are the supposed “good guys” limited to unionized government employees? You may think that it is cool for people to point guns at you because they work for government and wear a uniform but I don’t. I would suggest that you GFY with a rusty chainsaw. You want to grovel to the police that is your business. They are very likely your betters, they are not mine.

          I have just as much right to defend myself as any unionized government parasite.

    • I agree that pointing a gun at anyone deserves some sort of instant justice meted upon them, but your opening statement leaves me scratching my head. Are you saying that anyone who carries a gun should be shot? If so, you may want to understand that more than 17.25 million people have licenses or permits to carry guns on them in the US, which only takes into account those states that need a permission slip to carry legally. This means that there are well over 20 million people that can be carrying a firearm on any giving day. This also means that you would be advocating the extermination of more than 20 million good and law abiding citizens… Along with the occasional illegal gun carrier of course.

      If you are saying that anyone who owns a gun should be killed, then you are advocating the single largest genocide the World has ever seen. The US has at least 43% of households with at least one gun, which would put your genocide at over 100 MILLION people. This would make you scarier than Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot combined!

  1. The family “wants justice”? I would say they got just what they deserved. Apparently they raised a punk who had no respect for the law. But this will be another “ghetto lottery”.

  2. Been a cop 42 yrs. That is as good a legitimate shooting as you can get without officers actually taking fire first. I also wholeheartedly concur with an article elsewhere in this site that Barrack Hussein Obama is totally to blame for the increased violence against police. I can only pray that soon he will see justice served on himself and his cronies for the crimes against Pressident Trump and the United States of America! Justice is much more swift in his home country of Kenya.

        • Boo hoo, tell you what, Cm, why don’t you just turn around and flee from the next cop that looks at you. Hint: Don’t point a gun at him……

          • The Tuttle family were in their home, not fleeing. I don’t flee from cops because I want to confront them, especially if they are murderers like Houston cops. I love it when they break the law and violate my rights. It is good for my bank account

          • Yeah, right. Next time a police officer asks you a question, run away from him, then pull a gun from your pants, aim at him and…
            ….tell us how did it end for you.

          • I can link to 100 examples of innocent people of all races being murdered by the police. Like the Tuttle family they had not violated the law and there was no excuse for the murder and yet they got away with murder.

          • You seem unable to stay on the subject here. The subject is Mr. Malone and his violent death that he brought upon himself.

    • Please tell me how many times you saw your fellow police officers violating the laws or the rights of Americans and you turned them in.
      I will bet that number is zero.

      How much hatred do you think was generated in Houston where they murdered people who were not committing any crimes?
      Remember the Tuttle household where the injuries to the police officers were the direct result of friendly fire and police stupidity?
      Yeah, tell me all about how we should hate3 people who act as if the law does not apply to them.
      If you want to be hated then keep on murdering people, keep on violating their rights and keep from any justice.
      You cop sovereign citizen types make me sick

        • My Dad was a WW2 veteran of both the European and Pacific theaters of war and I served in the Army as well. I would rather whip you than take a spanking but I took my share of discipline and then some.
          Just because you are a punk doesn’t mean someone else is.

          I follow the law and it pisses me off that we have sovereign citizen cops who commit crimes like the murder of the Tuttle family and then walk away free as a bird.
          You were apparently dropped on the head often as a child, if you are indeed an adult now and not just playing one on the internet.
          The murder of the Tuttle family and the lack of justice for those murders has to drive hatred for cops.
          There’s no other way to react.

          • I looked up the Tuttle family case, and it was as disgusting to me as it was to you, but tarring the entire set of national police because of an aberration doesn’t make your case.

          • That’s not the only case. There are hundreds more all across the land and until cops go to prison for murder they will get no love from the community.
            The Tuttle case was clear cut black and white, no questions about it murder. In fact the female was shot from outside the residence as was the cop who was killed.
            Nobody went to jail.
            I have been all over America and have heard and read so many stories of cops getting away with crime that I know 0bama didn’t cause the hatred, unaccountable cops did

          • As President, Obama had undue influence from his bully pulpit to fan black hatred, when he could have done just the opposite.

            To react to a VERY minor incident and borrow national prime TV time to tell his homies that “… the police acted stupidly” was the epitome of white hatred justification to his Afro constituents.

            The widespread increase of ambushing of police started shortly after that.

      • Cm, this is too easy. According to the FBI, blacks were arrested for 53 percent of all homicides last year, and this is far from a statistical outlier. It’s the same year after year. It starts early: Black juveniles were arrested for 58 percent of all juvenile murders and 67 percent of all robberies committed by juveniles. From 2007-2016, emergency rooms reported that blacks were the victims in 59 percent of all non-fatal gunshot wounds in which the race of the victim was recorded. That’s 261,000 out of 441,000 gunshot victims over a 10-year period. Guess who shot the vast majority of those black victims? Other blacks, of course. I think cops shot maybe 500 black people last year and even more white people. Also, some of those cops were black. So instead of dwelling on the relatively minuscule number of incidents where cops shoot blacks, you should be far more concerned about the tens of thousands of times each year that blacks shoot blacks. I also suspect the 5,000 people blacks murder each year are overwhelmingly black. So there.

        • How about you look at reality where black cop enters white family home and kills them for no reason. That is not an insignificant act and to blame the hatred of police on 0bama is simply stupid. They brought it all on themselves when they decided their lives and their jobs are too important to be bothered with respect for the People.

          • Look, I’m not denying there are bad cops and human beings who simply can’t handle the stress and quick thinking needed when dealing with the worst things people are known to be doing. I don’t have the courage, good judgment, thick skin or selflessness required, and I like a higher income. I’m just grateful as hell that someone’s willing to do what must be done to maintain a semblance of law and order. I suppose none of the indisputable facts I presented made the slightest impression on you, eh? Cops are evil and blacks are angels, right?

          • You really are stupid.

            The claim in the article was that the hatred of cops came about because of 0bama, when in fact that hatred has been building for decades.
            If I wanted to I could post a hundred stories of cops killing people for no reason or some fake reason.
            They murdered a grandmother when they broke down her door and after they murdered her they discovered they were at the wrong house. Four decades ago the cops used a no knock raid to kill the janitor of a school I went to. Some alleged informant told them that they were selling drugs and guns at his house. After they murdered him in his own home they found and old squirrel rifle and no drugs.Both time no cops faced discipline, just like the Houston murders where the murderous cops were permitted retirement instead of being fired and the chief covered up what happened.
            I have met black people who are angels. They have Downs syndrome. There’s no more pure and angelic being than a Down’s person.
            The main problem with the black community is absent fathers which was something unheard of until LBJ and his great society started paying the rent and giving food and cash to unwed mothers.
            Once a father came into the picture the largess stopped which is why you have women with five kids and six guys show up on Fathers Day.
            If you don’t have a man to teach you how to be a man then you are likely to join a gang, drop out of school, go to jail, etc.
            There are more than a few bad cops. They are the majority. Any cop who does not arrest another cop he sees engaged in criminal activity is a bad cop. He’s just as bad as the cop who did it.
            So, go ahead and be stupid.
            I won’t stop you

          • I see. I’m stupid because I note that blacks commit more than half the violent crimes in America (while comprising only 13 percent of the population), and the vast majority of their victims are other blacks. Call me what you want, but the real problem facing blacks isn’t cops, who actually shoot more whites each year. If you can’t see that, you’re incapable of reasoning. You can’t put things into perspective.

            I could tell you some personal stories about what blacks have done to me and friends — including a nice 14-year-old girl who lived across the street and was brutally raped at knifepoint in her own home. I’ve had black men threaten to blow my head off during an armed robbery. I saw one ride off on my expensive bicycle. I was a victim of the knockout game in 1975 on my first day of school in the 11th grade. Would you be surprised to learn I have never done a single bad thing to a black person and have never treated one with disrespect?

            BTW, I totally agree that Great Society programs ruined black families, although it’s odd they didn’t affect other ethnic groups so badly. The sooner black people get off the government teat and stop thinking of themselves as victims the better off they’ll be. And black men need to either marry the mothers of their children or keep it in their pants. That 70 percent rate of illegitimacy is devastating.

          • Wrong, so wrong. I agree that more illegals are arrested by the feds than anyone else, but there’s absolutely no doubt that blacks are responsible for more than half the homicides and robberies in this nation and almost 60 percent of non-fatal gunshot wounds. Just check out the FBI Uniform Crime Report. Unfortunately, the FBI UCR lumps together crimes committed by Hispanics with those committed by whites, because Hispanics are considered an ethnicity, not a race. Subtract the Hispanic crime percentages on the far right of the table from white crime percentages to get the actual percentages.


          • The FBI stats are notably unreliable simply because committed crimes are often underreported and often there’s a pleading to a nonviolent crime and thus supposing that arrests equal incarceration is an error.
            I believe prison population was the topic, but I could be wrong

          • Regarding the percentage of those who stayed on welfare; when the welfare program was developed the majority of those it entrapped were blacks simply because their population outnumbered other groups.
            As soon as the program began it started the absent fatherhood problem which increased with each successive generation and because young black girls saw pregnancy as a way to “freedom” the next generation could be 14-15 years.
            It is not unusual to see seven generations of women in one picture when this type of childbearing occurs.

      • CM-you sound like a pathetic liberal hippy pothead Hillary supporter. No, Not all police are angels, I didn’t say that. I said this incident was a good example of right. The biggest issue I have with slugs like you who diss police is you NEVER blame the criminal who caused the police to react. Hope you need a cop one day, maybe you”ll get what you deserve.

        • I blame the criminals plenty and the time I need the police will be never.
          When seconds count the police are minutes away and police have no duty to protect me.
          You are a blue line thug whose only purpose in life is to generate revenue.
          Have a look at some truth about blue line thugs like you
          BTW I would never vote for a Democrat. I left the Democrats in my wake in the 1970’s and never looked back and my support went to the only candidate who was qualified and on the ballot in all states, two term Gov. Gary Johnson, but I guess blue line thugs would not even know his name

          • The loser is the one who pretends to enforce the law but excuses those who work with him from the law. I noticed that you couldn’t answer in the affirmative when asked if you ever busted a cop for breaking the law.
            That’s because you never did.
            You and the rest of the blue line thugs never do that.
            BTW when it comes to taking blue line thugs on in the courtroom the loser, by an overwhelming margin, is the blue line thugs.
            Keep on doing what you are doing.
            My bank account loves you

          • I also noticed you didn’t argue the point that when seconds count the police are minutes away and that police have no duty to protect the People.

          • I didn’t because it is true, that’s why the NRA and the 2nd Amendment is so vital. His comment makes liberal gun control maggots look totally stupid. Buy a gun, learn the use care and laws.

          • Owned guns since I was 12, open carried in Colorado at 16, and am keenly aware of my surroundings thanks to my government training me in Fort Knox Kentucky.

          • The NRA fully backed the ’68 gun control act which is both a violation of the Constitution and an almost word for word copy of the 1930’s era German gun control laws.

          • Well they don’t count down votes and were it my aim I could get any number of up votes I wished.

            Still bad cops like the Houston gang that murdered the Tuttle family and the family dog make it dangerous for good cops so good cops leave and the slant goes to bad cops. You have seen them. You know what I mean. Cops are permitted to lie and do so to entrap people and even write false reports to make an otherwise illegal bust prosecutable

            Most people don’t know their rights and when someone like me who does is stopped by one of the blue line gang they call it confrontational as if asserting the rights I sore to uphold is somehow an affront to them.
            I always get a laugh out of that one, or should I say I once did. They just have no appetite to confront me anymore.

        • Please tell me how many times you saw your fellow police officers violating the laws and rights of people and you arrested them

          • so your answer is never.
            You realize that good cops who let bad cops get away with crimes makes the life of the good cop much more dangerous, right? Oh and BTW I have received the worst response from cops in Re3publican controlled counties including being threatened with arrest for following the law instead of some order from some puffed up cop that believes the badge makes them demigods

          • Since the police are permitted to lie, I will just point out that you are a liar.
            Cops make violating the rights of people SOP, and you know it.

          • Brightens my soul to prick the ire of trashbags like you. Your avatar suits you, true picture of your IQ. Can only hope you need the police someday and I get the call, I’ll be on the way, at the speed limit, obeying red lights, wouldn’t want to do anything to make a whiny liberal wet his diaper! Go choke on a quay.

          • That’s the thing. I am not Irate, I am happy.
            You know what I wrote is the truth, that you are a bigger crook than most people in prison.
            You believe that because you have a neat costume and a pretty badge you have extra rights.
            I would love for you to give me a ticket so I could make you look like the buffoon you are UNDER OATH.
            You can post lies here, it doesn’t matter. You can lie to me, it isn’t illegal and in fact you are an accomplished liar.
            What you cannot do is lie under oath and once I get you to do that your qualified immunity goes up in smoke and I can take you to civil court where I have the bigger advantage since all I have to do is present a preponderance of evidence that you did in fact violate my rights.
            But that will never happen. Once you learn who I am you will be ordered to leave me alone.
            I have cost police departments and district attorneys so much money they no longer want to risk any attempt at action against me.
            I love it when big headed ego driven power mad cops try to assert their authority on me. It makes my day. Then my bank account loves you.
            You blue line thugs need to be put in line and I am more than happy to do it if your masters let you ticket me.
            I know your script that you use when you interfere with the rights of Americans to free travel.
            I always win with blue line thugs.
            Real cops don’t do the dastardly acts you do.
            So, please tell me your jurisdiction so I can travel through there. Maybe you will get lucky and pull me over.
            Then I will cut you down to size and make you look stupid.
            I love it.
            Just give me the county you patrol.
            I haven’t had a road trip in a while.

          • BTW my avatar is a Border Collie named Gracie. She passed away a few years ago but when she was alive she was smarter and more loyal that you could ever hope to be

          • As far as it being me that calls the police you don’t have to worry your bald head over that.
            Police don’t solve problems, they make them worse.

          • it is not the function of our government to keep the citizen from
            falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the
            government from falling into error.

            Justice Robert H. Jackson (1892-1954) – American Communications Association v. Douds, 339 U.S. 382, 442-43 (1950)

  3. Though, to be fair, if you are innocent and a cop is shooting at you, you are completely entitled to end that threat to your life.

  4. So, according to twisted black mentality, a black person should be allowed to point guns at cops, and the cops are not allowed to protect themselves. It would be “racist” for a cop, or anyone else, to defend their own lives, against a black person. We simply cannot co-exist with these people. Separation is the ONLY solution.

  5. His family is outraged … Why? To mask guilt? As a surrogate for regret? That they didn’t raise a kid to understand the fundamental rules of society? That you don’t point guns at police. No, none of the foregoing.

    They are outraged because the Leftist Democrat Communist Party has taught them that to be black is to be privileged by the camouflage of race; that they are victims of white supremacy from birth and are entitled … important word … entitled to act outside the bounds civil behavior. And when they pay the price … well, the scapegoat is, as we see, well defined in the Leftist strategy.

  6. Officers should sue the family attorney for defamation for accusing them of murder. If dept says they can’t, sue the dept. Then sue the family for raising the bastard and causing them undue stress.

    Start hitting back!!!

      • Now we can pay for yet another didn’tdo nuttin for the next 18 years or longer if he gets a 30 year prison sentence for killing someone.

        • Of all things the US outsources, I say they should outsource prisons. Send these violent criminals to a prison in Cambodia. It would be so much cheaper for tax payers.

    • Sue the ‘family’? Reality Check: A single black female with several kis from various absenteespermdonors, who lives in a govt housing project apt with no job, or assets to seize – so wut’s the point – you can’t get anything awarded to you when the dead-beat mommy doesn’t have anything of value to take – so you get awarded an empty victory, which costs you lawyer’s fees for your feel gud moment, you have to pay for out of your pocket because mayor/city council members won’t join in the suit/recommend it/approve of it/pay for it – because they don’t want to get kicked out of office due to ‘didn’tdonuttin’ voters not electing them.
      Liberal demonrat race baiters are sending this nation into the sewers and it’s everyone for themselves – cops should just try to get out of the line of fire & let them settle their own fights until they can get jobs earning a living in some other field of work.

      • .
        Tighten up on welfare. … Require proof of a job hunt and have a welfare (unemployment) cutoff date, like it was back when I was laid off fifty years ago. Being able to buy groceries is a great incentive to find employment.

  7. Evolution at work, The phony outrage from the family is pathetic. My poor thug of a son was killed so give me money.

  8. “Eventually, stuff like this has got to stop,”
    Well, stuff “like this” won’t happen again because the guy who pointed a gun at police won’t do it again.

  9. What’s the alternative to questioning suspects, lettin’ them walk? That’s all that’s being offered up! What’s it going to be, anarchy or law n’ order?

  10. .
    Scratch one more worthless POS. … “a father the week before he died”? … The only justification for abortion clinics.

  11. would there false outrage be the same if he had killed a cop, of course not. When Obama put the finger on the cop in Cambridge Mass it was the start of the hate cops era

    • Right. One minor incident concerning a smartassed belligerent Negro refusing to show an ID card to police who were answering a call TO PROTECT HIS PROPERTY, and the president of the United States goes on national television to criticize the police (“… acted stupidly… .”) .

      National television.

      Genetics. They just gotta nig .

          • Hey you dumb f*ck, I served my country and took an oath to uphold, defend, and protect the Constitution so you are goddamned right I want my rights. I earned it.
            Stick it up your ass you ignorant prick

          • No, you just showed what an ignorant individual you are and how far detached from reality you have been.
            You want to pretend you did something?
            I guess if that wets your panties, please continue

        • No, they can haul you in and take your prints. Wouldn’t it be easier to show your ID? You keep wanting to pick a fight with the cops, and you will lose every time.

          • Sorry, but that’s not the law, you ignorant ass. Yes, I have been hauled off and printed and my bank account shows it.
            Unless you are caught in the process of a crime and are arrested the “police” are not allowed to get your ID. Most of the time I don’t even have one with me.
            There’s no law that says I have to carry it.

    • Really? So the hatred of the cops during the sixties was all 0bama’s fault because he was born when it happened, right?

      Man, you are just stupid or very very young

    • All because uppity black professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. already had a giant chip on his shoulder and couldn’t cooperate with police for 30 seconds.

  12. Will the Obama’s invite the thug’s family to vacation at their new 15 million dollar Martha’s Vineyard mansion?

  13. The dead yoot’s legacy? He got another didn’t do nothin irresponsible girl without a job pregnant with his baby – she can’t support, but we will for 18 years of welfare/free rent and possibly longer if the child kills someone (like dear old daddy did) and gets a 30 year sentence in prison – we have to pay for. That is today’s ‘black Amerkan life-cycle’ – cradle to grave govt care and politicians blaming responsible people for not paying enough taxes/support enough mid-night basketball games/free bookbags to make a difference.

  14. What I find particularly amusing is the statement that 0bama caused the hatred of police officers instead of the murder of people like those two in Houston. That’s what makes people angry. They murdered that couple after they killed their dog and there was no basis for them to even be there.
    You want to talk about hatred? How much hatred did that squad of thugs have for that man and that woman they murdered?
    I have had many interactions with the police and the majority of police consider themselves above the law. They beat the crap out of someone and say he was resisting. They assault people because they didn’t treat them as demigods.
    So, 0bama didn’t cause the hatred, he didn’t help, he is a scumbag who belongs behind bars, but to claim he was so powerful as to cause nationwide rage at corrupt and unaccountable police is stupid.

    • That “amuses” you ?

      You sound like an egotistical smartass… no wonder you don’t get along with police.

      • I get along with police who do their jobs and don’t violate the laws. That includes my brother who is not happy that I have successfully defended myself in court against officers who break the laws and violate the rights of the People and have prevailed in civil actions against them beginning in 1976 way back when 0bama was still getting high at bath houses

        • So let’s get back on subject …Do you think this was justified self defense on part of the police …..

          • Actually yes.
            Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.
            I once used the term a broken clock is right twice a day until my granddaughter pointed out it could be fast or slow and still broken and never tell the right time in one day

    • So a whole squad of police got convicted for killing two people and a dog in Houston ??? Wow when did that trial take place???

      • Well to be honest there would be no trial if not for Justin Pulliam collecting documents that completely debunk the scam the chief of police was pushing.
        One of the squad that attacked the home of this peaceful and law abiding has finally been charged with murder.
        There will be no trial for the majority of the blue line gang members, they were just as culpable.
        Of course I know you were just being facetious and you didn’t even bother to look and see what happened before you spouted nonsense and exhibited a degree of stupidity common among the type of people that committed the murders.
        In any event, if you want to wait for the trial, stay tuned. The facts are not in doubt. The police had no right to do what they did. They broke the law. They committed first degree murder, each and every one of that gang of blue line thugs that mercilessly attacked and killed people.
        I hold no hope that justice will be served though because Texas judicial decisions are notoriously weighted toward members of the blue line gang

  15. Murder? Get real!!! When you point a gun at somebody, whether is a cop or a regular citizen who carries a firearm, you should expect to get shot.
    Good marksmanship… It’s not easy to hit a moving target.

  16. “Eventually, stuff like this has got to stop,” he said. “It’s just like an ongoing thing, like over and over and over.” Truer words were never spoken, although the reality is just the opposite of what he meant. It’s African Americans who need to reject their culture of lawlessness and violence. Statistics from the FBI and hospital emergency rooms prove conclusively that blacks are responsible for the majority of violent crime in America. I suspect the 70 percent of blacks born to single moms each year has a lot to do with it. BTW, did anyone else laugh when his brother said Amari was getting his act together and had just become a father? It’s so predictable! And, of course, the outrage and the lawsuit.

    • Guess what? That stat is being undone by illegals. They now are in more prisons than blacks and their population in prison continues to grow.


  18. F his family trying to act like he was a saint. He was very typical and just became a “father” last week. Gimme a break! More body cams are needed so these effers stop trashing cities every time a scumbag gets killed!

  19. the guy was clearly pointing his gun at the cops while running, he might have got a shot off too, but this is solid, a slam dunk,

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