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Video: Details Revealed About the Mass Shooter in Rochester, Michigan, Who Gunned Down 10 People Including Children – The Media Will Build a Narrative on This

The community of Rochester Hills, Michigan, is grappling with the aftermath of a tragic and seemingly “random” shooting at the Brooklands Plaza Splash Pad on Saturday afternoon. Authorities are actively investigating to uncover a motive behind the incident, where at least nine people were shot, causing widespread panic among families in the crowded recreation area.

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard detailed that the gunman, a 42-year-old man, drove to the splash pad, exited his vehicle, and began shooting from about 20 feet away, reloading his weapon multiple times and firing approximately 28 shots. The chaotic scene left ice cream cones and flip flops scattered among blood and bullet casings, a stark contrast to what should have been a normal day at the park, as Michigan Rep. John James poignantly noted during a press conference.

The suspect was later found at a nearby home with a self-inflicted gunshot wound after police traced the weapon used in the shooting to an address half a mile from the scene. The victims, including two young children and their mother, were transported to four local hospitals with various injuries.

The community and authorities continue to search for answers and cope with the shock of this violent act, hoping for a swift recovery for those injured and seeking justice for the senseless attack.

The shooting started to gather steam as soon as they revealed details about the shooter!

The Splash Pad shooting suspect is a 42-year-old white male who lived with his mother and is believed to have been undergoing some mental health challenges. Among the nine people shot and injured two were children.

And as usual, they end up killing themself!

Officials are confirming and reporting that the splash pad shooter, who gunned down 10 people including children, has killed himself in the standoff.

Press conference:

Always Be Carrying. Don’t be caught lacking when a scumbag like this clown shows up firing his “cannon” into a crowd.

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