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Video: Elderly Asian Couple Attacked By A Black Gang, Their Machete-Wielding Son Comes To The Rescue – The MSM Fails To Disclose That The Attackers Are Black

A frightening scene caught on camera as an elderly Asian couple is attacked and robbed returning home from grocery shopping. Then a hero emerges, their own son – wielding a machete.

Surveillance video showed four black people approach an elderly couple of Asian heritage and attempt to rob them while beating them.

The son of the couple, who did not want to be identified and did not want his neighborhood revealed, said the incident occurred at about 4:30 p.m. PDT on Monday

Video below:

The son says he’s glad he was home at the time.

“I heard my mom screaming and that’s when I ran out. If I hadn’t come out, they would have done a lot worse,” he said.

He said he was changing his clothes when he heard the commotion, which is why he ran out the door barefoot. However, he thought quickly enough to grab a nearby machete to thwart the men from advancing into the house.

The man added that he wants to see the men responsible for the attack “locked away for 10 years minimum,”

What is really strange is the fact that every mainstream media failed to report the rase of the attackers, while few attacks made by white people on Asians were characterized as white supremacy and even BLM started protests after the Georgia shooting.

The double standards are really “impressive” for example CNN while reporting about the attack made by a 15-year-old black-American again failed to disclose that the attacker is black they only mentioned that he is a juvenile.

From CNN:

A 15-year-old is under arrest in Tacoma, Washington, for an apparent attack on an Asian couple seen in a cell phone video that was circulated on social media. The Tacoma Police Department said the suspect is charged with second-degree assault.

The video of the attack shows a person wearing a red top running up to a man and a woman on the street, then swings at the man as the woman cries out while another individual looks on. In another clip, the male victim is being cursed at and seems to be pushed or struck, though it is unclear in the video whether it is the same attacker or another person as part of a group.

Video below:

The majority of the attacks on Asians are made by black people but that doesn’t fit the mainstream media narrative and they will only report about the race if the attacker is white.

This video kills the false narrative that all racist attacks are committed by whites.

FBI statistics and a plethora of other news items show blacks commit more crimes against Asians more than any other racial group.