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Video: Fani Willis’ Father Sparks Huge Covid Conspiracy While Testifying Under Oath – He Is Going To Blow This Whole Case Wide Open

Among the figures to testify on Friday at the second day of a hearing for motions to disqualify Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis from the Georgia Trump case was her own father.

Willis’ dad John C. Floyd III took the stand and wrapped up his testimony around noon.

Floyd was on the stand taking questions about his knowledge of Willis’ relationship. One of the central questions of the disqualification hearing is whether her relationship with special prosecutor Nathan Wade began before or after he was appointed to that position for the Trump case.

State’s attorney Adam Abbate questioned John C. Floyd III on his living situation in 2019, when Floyd claims he was forced to move in with is daughter, District Attorney Fani Willis.

Floyd testified that he was living in South Africa before the political situation in that country forced him to relocate to Georgia in the spring or summer of 2019. He said that while he was living with Willis she was dating someone named “Deuce” and that he did not meet Nathan Wade until 2023.

“Did you ever meet Mr. Wade in the year 2019?” Abbate asked.

“Absolutely not,” Floyd answered.

Between his testimony and her’s yesterday, I’d be nervous as her attorney.

He even sparked a huge COVID controversy during his testimony!

FANI WILLIS’ FATHER: “I knew Covid was coming before. I knew Covid was around before. They may have announced it in ’20 but— in fact— I knew about it and I knew what was happening in ’19.”

Watch the confusing moment below:

This sparked huge controversy:

He’s also a lawyer: Floyd is a criminal defense lawyer who raised Willis in both California and Washington, D.C. Willis later followed her father into law after tagging along with him to court on weekend mornings while Floyd defended clients. Floyd encouraged his daughter to join the prosecutor’s office despite his own hostile views toward law enforcement, saying it would further her goals to become a judge.

Former Black Panther: Willis has said they have political differences — he being far more liberal — but that he acts as her sounding board on moral issues. As a younger man, Floyd participated in sit-ins at segregated lunch counters in 1965 in Memphis, Tennessee. After a sneering white man spit tobacco juice on top of his head, he decided to take a more confrontational stance. He joined a faction of the Black Panther movement in 1967 in Los Angeles. He renounced violence and enrolled at UCLA to study law after two Panthers, Bunchy Carter and John Huggins, were shot and killed in an altercation at a Black Student Union meeting.

Dating life: He once dated Angela Davis, the academic and activist who ran twice for vice president on the Communist Party ticket, according to “Find Me The Votes.”

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