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Video: Gun Store Employee Guns Down Suspected Shoplifter With A Criminal Record; Charges Announced

A gun store employee was charged with murder Saturday after killing a suspected shoplifter with a criminal record, concluding a more than a year-long investigation by Houston authorities.

Mark Winger is accused of shooting and killing Terry Evans Jr., who was accused of shoplifting from Carter’s Country store on South Wilcrest.

In the video Evans is shown walking into the store and heading to the cash register. He is then seen grabbing something that appears to be money before walking towards the door.

That is when a female employee runs toward him, and another employee, Winger, appears to run after him and shoot.

Surveillance footage from outside the establishment captured the moment Evans ran out and then a bullet that pierced through his body and exited, hitting the store’s glass door.

Moments later, also seen on surveillance footage, another store employee is motioning for Winger to return inside the store.

Video below:

According to the attorney for the Evans family, Jason Gibson, stated no one from the store called 911 and that the initial story told was misleading once officers arrived.

“In Texas, you’re only justified in using deadly force if you feel like you’re in fear of imminent death or serious bodily injury,” Gibson said. He points out initial police reports said that Terry had a sharp object and that the employee who shot him feared for his life.

CW 39 Houston reported that Evans previously tried to steal clothes from another establishment before he was driven away by employees. He then walked next door to the gun shop.

Evans’s family admitted to ABC 13 Houston that their son had a criminal record and a history of mental health issues. Nonetheless, they relayed their heartbreak over having to bury him.