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Video: Hollywood Is Now Pushing the Idea That Racism Can Cause Cancer – Here’s How

Hollywood’s inclination towards producing “woke” shows has often led to lower box office numbers and poor reviews. Despite this trend, the industry continues to create even more unconventional films.

Speaking of ridiculous network TV slop, I’d like to inform you all that shows such as the one below are what your college-educated parents are watching while they eat dinner every night.


In an Episode from “New Amsterdam” a doctor explains to a mother that her son’s tumor grew because of internalized racism. You literally can’t make this up.


This type of idea already has a name in the medical sector: social determinants of health.

Let’s talk about a really important Woke idea you may not have heard of yet, though it’s not new in any way: the “social determinants of health.” If you’re guessing that this is a blank check for Woke Marxists to do Medical Lysenkoism and more, you’re exactly right.

The “social determinants of health” is a social (critical) constructivist theory about how health happens, and guess what! The conditions in which health arises or fails are socially constructed! Aren’t you surprised? Of course, you’re not. That’s Woke everything, but this is big.

The idea behind the “social determinants of health” concept is that there are social, political, and economic factors like access to grocery stores, good food, etc., plus racism, transphobia, and whatever else, and I mean WHATEVER ELSE, that all have impacts on health.

You need to understand that in Woke Marxism, there is never personal responsibility (except to join the revolution). Your health isn’t determined by YOU. Your health is something you have little or no say over because of the sociopolitical and economic situation you’re in.

Every time you hear something like “racism is a public health threat,” what you’re hearing is built on the idea of the theory of “social determinants of health.” Whatever they call systemic racism can be said to impact health outcomes, so “racism” “socially determines” health.

So, what are some social determinants of health? We already named some, but the point is that it can be ANYTHING Woke Marxists can tie to health outcomes in any way at all, including:

Racism, transphobia, not getting their way all the time, bad food in ghettos, crime, etc.

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