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Video: Iranian MMA Fighter Kicks Ring Girl in Russia for Not Wearing Hijab – Discovers Russia Doesn’t Tolerate “Snowflakes”

At a Moscow MMA event by Hardcore, the Russian equivalent of Bare Knuckles, Iranian fighter Ali Heibati kicked a ring girl in the buttocks to push her out of the octagon, claiming it was against his religion. He lost his next fight, got beaten up by the crowd, and was banned for life from the sport.

Iranian MMA fighter Ali Heibati kicked a Ring Girl’s bottom during a match in Russia, leading to a lifetime suspension.


The evening was full of controversial moments for the MMA debutant, but his most bizarre moment came at the very beginning of the fight, when he, decided to kick out at a ring girl named Maria for not wearing a hijab and revealing her body. After her attempt to confront him, the Iranian was reprimanded by the referee, who then started his short debut fight, which lasted only 30 seconds.

The woman turned around in clear surprise, expressing her anger before the referee intervened to separate them, warning the fighter about his behavior. The Iranian’s bout lasted only 30 seconds before the referee waived it off and stopped it. After Osipyan walked back to his corner, Heibati leaped up and began attacking him from behind, landing multiple cheap shots. This prompted several people to enter the cage to separate the two fighters as they awaited the official decision, where Heibati was defeated by technical knockout.

Following the fight, Heibati grabbed the microphone and seemed frustrated by something said to him, directing a kick toward a commentator and engaging in heated exchanges with him. Footage has surfaced showing Heibati being attacked by members of the crowd after his loss.

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Hardcore responded to the incident in their own social media post, which featured a video of what appears to be the ring girl looking incredibly uncomfortable next to the Iranian fighter who kicked her. In the caption, Hardcore announces a lifetime ban on the fighter and a fine that will be transferred to Maria, the ring girl.


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What happened in today’s live broadcast is beyond all moral and ethical standards. No one has any right to touch, let alone beat the staff, employees and partners of Hardcore Media. Moreover, such marginal behavior is absolutely unacceptable towards women. Loosening your hands towards ladies is the lowest a man can go to.

The League decided that in the context of the current situation, the apologies already made by Ali Heibati are absolutely not enough. He will be fined for his fee, and the entire amount will be transferred to ring-girl Maria.

Also, all participants of mass backstage fights will be disqualified and removed from appearances in Hardcore media promotions. At this moment, we are identifying all the names and culprits who have participated in these acts of unsportsmanlike behavior.

Respect yourself, respect each other, respect the code of honor and simple moral values. Respect the behavioral norms of the civilized society you are part of.

With respect and sincere apologies to our audience, your Hardcore.

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