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Video: Jill Biden Just Gave the Most Cringe Intro for Joe Biden After the Debate

Political experts and commentators are now increasingly vocal about the need for Biden to step aside and allow another candidate to challenge Trump in November. Some friends and supporters of the President believe that it should be Jill Biden who persuades her husband to withdraw from the race.

The debate performance and subsequent controversy have intensified discussions within the Democratic Party about the future of Biden’s candidacy. The President, who has faced scrutiny over his age and cognitive abilities, must now navigate a growing chorus of voices questioning his capacity to effectively lead the country and win a second term.

Jill Biden has other ideas!

The First Lady has come under fire for allegedly treating her husband, President Joe Biden, like a toddler after she praised him for “answering all the questions” during his contentious CNN debate with former President Donald Trump last night. Critics argue that her comments appeared condescending and inappropriate, given the high stakes of the presidential debate.

The incident occurred at a “Let’s Go Joe” event in Atlanta, where Jill Biden helped the 81-year-old President onto the stage. Once there, she seemed to baby him about his performance against Trump, which many analysts deemed disastrous. Her remarks were perceived by some as infantilizing, further fueling the debate about the President’s fitness for office.

Holding a microphone but addressing him directly, Mrs Biden told him: ‘Joe, you did such a great job answering every question. You knew all the facts’.

His crowd of supporters, who had watched the debate, then cheered wildly and chanted that Trump ‘told lies’ throughout.

Watch the cringe moment below:

Viewers couldn’t believe their eyes during the exchange, described by one Democrat as being like a mother offering their child ‘two scoops of ice cream instead of one’. Another said: ‘This intro of Joe by Jill sounds like a mom congratulating her toddler for using the potty for the first time’.