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Video: Joe Biden Insults Latinos At Cinco de Mayo Event At White House – “Mexico Today” Editor Roasts Him As The MSM Ignores This Racist Attack

Joe and Jill Biden welcomed the wife of Mexico’s president to the White House to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. From there, the US president delivered an onslaught of senior moments in the span of just a few minutes.

To start, he apparently didn’t know that the woman he was hosting was not actually the President of Mexico. And no, this was not him trying to be funny, as evidenced by how serious he is and the lack of laughter. He legitimately didn’t realize.

Another uncomfortable scene involved Biden not being able to recognize his granddaughter, despite the fact she was standing right in front of him. Jill Biden had to step in to help him out on this one, another common occurrence.

And what Biden event would be complete without his brain just fully breaking at least once? Here he is trying to make a point about children who speak Spanish.

Biden made a joke about sleeping with a teacher while the teacher standing next to him obviously feels uncomfortable!

Joe Biden insulted Latinos at the end of his Cinco de Mayo speech by saying this about Mexico: “It’s not our backyard, it’s our front yard”

“US speechwriters should avoid any reference to a “yard” when talking about Mexico/LatAm. The metaphor in Spanish isn’t flattering.” Editor of Mexico Today said.

Video below:

American media however decided to ignore everything Biden said!

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