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Video: Just Before Signing The Legislation, Jill Biden Hands Something To Joe Biden, Which He Pops In His Mouth – His Speech Was A Disaster Anyway

An odd moment between Joe and Jill Biden has lit up social media, after she appeared to hand him a mystery object ahead of his big speech celebrating the signing of the Respect For Marriage Act.

Biden, 80, who has faced much scrutiny for both his age and gaffes, immediately ate whatever his wife Jill gave him before his speech to celebrate the bill protecting same-sex and interracial marriage at the White House.

The president, surrounded by First Lady Jill, Vice President Kamala Harris and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff, then promptly sat down as the ceremony is set to begin.

Video below:

While the logical assumption is that the first lady handed him a snack or a piece of candy — like a Werther’s, for instance — the president’s detractors decided to have some fun and play a guessing game of sorts with this fun mystery.

Conservative writer Jim Treacher cracked: ‘Every time he does a trick he gets a sugar cube.’ 

Jen James, a supporter of former President Donald Trump, was blunt and to the point: ‘His delusional meds.’

However, others got more into the spirit of the incident’s goofy nature, suggesting everything from Skittles to, perhaps referencing Biden’s age, a Werther’s Original.

Speaking of dogs, one Twitter user wrote, “That’s exactly how I slip my dog a treat for good behavior. Only I pet my puppy on his head after he takes it. She [Jill Biden] must have forgot that part.”

Another Twitter user added that, in his opinion, the Secret Service should have pounced on the first lady for giving the president anything to begin with.

“Shouldn’t the Secret Service pounce on that woman?? Who knows what that was unless it was tested by the designated food sampler? I saw a Dateline NBC episode where the wife was poisoning the husband WHILE he was in the hospital for poisoning. They eventually overplay their hand,” the detractor tweeted.

That’s certainly one way of looking at things.

His speech was totally disaster so whatever that was it didn’t help!

Joe was talking about transsexuals when he started screaming.
Video below:

The ‘Respect for Marriage Act’ codifies same-sex marriage.

Biden falsely claimed gay people are being thrown out of restaurants.

“When a person can be married in the morning and thrown out of a restaurant for being gay in the afternoon, this is still wrong,” Biden said.

Video below:

But let’s not forget Biden’s constant effort to tell people “don’t jump” anytime someone is above him. After the 635th time, it’s not funny.

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