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Video: Maskless Worshiper Dragged From Church, ,Choked And Assaulted By A Huge Group Of Masked Parishioners At The Orders Of The Priest

There is little information on how the argument started but a man is seen storming the altar area while a priest was giving his sermon.

The sender only alleged that the video was taken at St Francis of Cabrini, Lakewood WA and that the man was allegedly thrown out because he was maskless!

The priest takes a few steps back and tells the man he is trespassing and must leave the church but he just keeps yelling something that is indistinguishable.

A bunch of masked parishioners is then seen storming the man, taking hold of him, and tossing him out of the church.

In the video below the maskless congregant was manhandled, choked, and assaulted by a massive group of churchgoers at the orders of the priest over his refusal to wear a mask.

Video below:

Everyone is wearing masks except the guy who was attacked!

A lieutenant with the Lakewood Police Department said the incident occurred Oct. 24 shortly before noon. The man was previously served a notice of trespass Oct. 11, when he was notified he’d be arrested for returning to the property.

The man was arrested and booked into jail for trespassing on Oct. 24.

The church declined to comment on the incident.

Usually, you have to be dead in a pine box to get that sort of ride out of a Catholic Church. But a man was thrown out because he wasn’t masked, this has to be the most shameful end to a service in the history of the church.

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