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Video Shows Chick-fil-A Security KICKING OUT Homeless Man Despite Paying For Food – The Fast-Food Franchise Explains Why They Did It After Facing A Huge Backlash

A video showing an utter injustice by a Chick-fil-A security guard has gone viral. In the video, a homeless man was the victim of inhumane behavior by a security guard which has resulted in several viewers taking a stand for him virtually.

This incident occurred at the MiamiCentral franchisee of Chick-fil-A and was shared on TikTok on January 24. TikToker Pineda Lainez shared the video and within hours, it received 344,000 views. She explained that the homeless man was eating his meal at the corner table when a security officer approached him and asked him to leave the premises.

The clip did not show the man walking or being forced out, but the overlay text in Spanish read: “They kicked the man out for being homeless when he paid for the food.”

Video below:

Social media users were left concerned after watching the video, and called the incident “heartbreaking” and “wrong”.

“This is so heartbreaking because he even chose to eat in the last seat, far away from everyone,” a user @wendyseatingshow wrote, “If I was there I would have spoken up for him.”

“This is so wrong on so many different levels. They should feel ashamed for even doing something like that to a paying customer,” another user said.

However the homeless man was making trouble in the fast-food restaurants before, as reported by the MiamiCentral staff, the homeless man had previously spit on some guests, and therefore, a trespass warrant was issued against him.

The franchise replied to the video by saying, “Hello! Thank you for your feedback. Our number one concern in any situation is the safety of both our customers as well as our staff. We would never remove an individual due to them being homeless, deny them service, or a place to eat their food. However, the individual depicted in the video has violated a trespass warrant for our location. This person has previously spit on guests and is verbally hostile. Our goal is to keep all guests safe, hence the off-duty Miami Police officers we hire to secure our facilities on-site daily (no police were called). We apologize for any misunderstanding and acknowledge that this situation does seem inappropriate out of context, however, we hope this clears up any confusion about what is actually occurring in the clip. We are committed to taking action and helping the homeless population in our community on a regular basis. What occurred in this video was a safety issue, this individual regularly displays dangerous and erratic behavior in our store. Anyone, regardless of their situation, would have been asked to leave under the same circumstances. This person has a trespass warrant for spitting at and harassing guests as well as team members on multiple occasions. We do not take chances when it comes to violent behavior, and we were glad that this situation was able to be resolved peacefully and without conflict.”

The statement also clarified they did not call the police to their stories.

The person seen in the video was an off-duty Miami police officer they hire to secure their facilities on-site daily, according to the outlet.