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Video: The Female Waffle House Employee Who Blocked Flying Chairs Like Wonder Woman Is Now Banned From Working At Any Waffle House

A wild chair-throwing, multi-upper cut to the ribs, scattered, smothered, brawl for the ages reportedly went down last week at an Austin, Texas Waffle House, according to boots on the ground who witnessed this work of art.

Some Internet observers claim this went down on Christmas Day in Atlanta, but that would be impossible when a version posted on December 22 has gone viral. It doesn’t really matter when and where this occurred. The gold here is the chaos and the Waffle House worker who should receive a two-fight contract offer by some fight league around the country.

The Waffle House staff appears to get into a dispute with a table of unruly customers. The dispute escalates, as the two sides throw harsh words back and forth over the counter, and then later salt, flour, chairs, and hands.

During the WWE-style brawl, however, one moment stood out. A customer threw a chair at the best fighter on the Waffle House staff, who perfectly and effortlessly deflected the projectile.

Watch these fists fly and you be the judge. Waffle House Wonder Woman doesn’t appear to be scared of any opponent.

WATCH (warning: graphic video)

Video below:

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Slow motion of the waffle house lady catching the chair.

If you’re gonna storm this Waffle House, you better bring some infinity stones.

Wonder Woman in action:

The employee denied the chair so good that she wanted a second chair:

The fight was so legendary that Wonder Woman herself reacted to it.

The cook’s name is Halie(the one with the ponytail and nasty uppercuts) and she filled in some of the details from the insane late night at the Waffle House.

In a video she released addressing the viral incident, the Waffle House Wonder Woman reveals that it happened more than eight months ago. She says it was a very busy night and they were understaffed. They had closed off a portion of the restaurant in an attempt to keep up with the orders.

The group that took part in the brawl sat in the closed off area anyway. “We tell them, ‘Hey, that section’s closed, if you could wait for a table?,’” Halie explained. “They’re like, ‘Nah, we’re good. We’ll sit here.’”

The group might have had a few too many to drinks before entering the restaurant, according to Halie. They were being rude and were warned that they would be kicked out if it continued.

“I was telling them I was gonna kick ’em out ’cause they were being rude. I ain’t gonna cook your food, you’re being rude to me,” Halie said.

Things escalated from there. Insults were traded, then a sugar shaker was thrown, and that’s went it turned physical. One of the customers jumped on the counter before falling off and crossing the point of no return.

“That’s when the girl with the dreads stands up. She comes on our side of the counter. Now, if you come on our side of the counter, there’s tile there. It changes from tile to like this bumpy dark floor,” Halie explains. “If you put your foot both feet on the other side or even a single foot on the other side of that floor, we can do anything.”

“We can do legally in our means, whatever means necessary, to remove you or ensure our safety. Whether that means taking one of the cast iron pans and hitting you upside the fucking head with it, or beating the fuck out of you when you fall over. You touch my floor, it’s on.”

Halie wasn’t fired after the brawl. She was only written up for breaking the sugar shaker. She left the job a couple of months after the incident.

Despite being told she was “always welcome” after leaving that store, Halie discovered that she was blacklisted by the company when trying to apply at another location.

She said, “I can’t ever work for a Waffle House again. I tried working for another one sometime earlier this year, and I had found out that I was blacklisted.”