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Video: Young Tattooed Guy In A Wife-Beater Learns The Hard Way Not To Mess With The Older Fella Wearing A Hat

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One dude learned the hard way that old man strength is a very real thing.

In a video that was sent to us this morning, a younger guy was trying to chirp an older gentleman. That’s when things went south in a fast way.

The video is allegedly taken in Fort Lauderdale, Florida near Arby’s.

The older man threw a couple of professional punches and immediately knocked him out. Watch the wild video below.
This younger, tattooed guy in a wife-beater picked the wrong grandpa to scrap with.

Proper rules. This is how fights are supposed to be.

Folks, in case you didn’t already know, old man strength is a very real thing. Any old guy who is willing to square up is not somebody you want to throw hands with.

That’s just a fact. You have no idea who they are, where they come from, what they’re capable of or how tough they are.

If you see an older gentleman start squaring up, you should just walk away.
That young dude in the video above thought he was real tough. He was squaring up like he was in a boxing match.

That’s when he learned a brutal lesson about messing with strangers.

The purpose of our articles is for educational and informational purposes only but I’d be lying if I said this knockout was anything other than 100% pure badass.

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