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Videos: Black Woman Loses It After Jetblue Cancelation, Calls White Man Racial Slurs, Another Black Woman Swoops In To Defend Him

Earlier this week, JetBlue fell victim to extreme weather cancellations leaving thousands of passengers stranded and angry.

At this NYC airport, things boiled over when passengers who’d been standing in line for 5 hours engaged in a racist tinged verbal altercation that eventually became physical.

The video picks up with an African American woman apparently defending a white male who is in line near her (although it would seem they were not together). Another female, standing outside of the main customer service line, slings a few racist slurs at the man which doesn’t seem to set right with the aforementioned black woman who seems to defend the man. Chaos unfolds after that.

Both women are ultimately held back by other members of their party while the one who was using racist slurs challenged the other to meet her outside.

Videos below:
Part one:

Part two:

This is what the corrupt politicians are afraid of… Americans no matter the color of their skin begin to understand that the racial divide is only a set-up!

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