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WATCH: Surveillance Video Shows Heavily Armed Men Escorting Illegal Aliens Across US Border

The article that we will present to you below shows exactly why strong borders are needed!
If you were born in the USA your supposed to pay for the illegals while you live paycheck to paycheck to make ends meet. This is the Democratic’s Way of thinking.

They opened our border and now they don’t want President Trump to close it once and for all!

That’s why they oppose the Wall on our southern border, but the video from today will change a lot!

Customs Border and Protection released surveillance video showing heavily armed men illegally escorting migrants across the US border into Arizona.

Border Patrol told Fox News that this is an unusual event, however, they fear it will become the new norm and will lead to violence.

The video shows several armed men in full tactical gear carrying firearms while escorting a woman and her 8-year-old child across the border. The illegal alien and her son then turned themselves into border patrol.

CBP posted the surveillance video with the caption: Cameras observed armed men escorting a mother and her 8-year-old son to the int’l boundary west of Lukeville, AZ. The armed men dropped off the pair in an area commonly used by smugglers to bring large groups of Central Americans into the country illegally.

Watch the video below:

“The cartels control our border,” JW president Tom Fitton tweeted.

And we have to admit thaat he is right,

Our border has been open for far too long!

We need to make changes ASAP!

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