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What Part of “The Green New Deal” Could You Vote For?


by Wayne Simmes:

The vast majority of Democrats have signed on, at least in spirit, to The Green New Deal that was put forward by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently.  The question is how many of them will actually vote for it if it ever comes up in the House of Representatives or in the United States Senate?

The bigger question is will the voters in this country support anyone that actually votes for such a bill?  I would like to believe that the answer to that question is zero, but unfortunately, I have no such faith in the American electorate.

So let’s take a look at what this proposed bill is designed to do.  It’s basic premise as I understand it is to greatly reduce carbon emissions in the United States.  Of course, since it is only aimed at our country the rest of the world would be free to pollute all they wanted.  But I guess we have to start someplace.

In order to achieve that lofty goal, this idea (not yet a bill) would ban the use of 99% of all automobiles presently on the road within the next ten years.  It would also ban the use of most airplanes including all passenger airplanes within the next ten years.  To make that last ban viable would require the building of a massive high-speed rail system.  If you believe that is a reasonable alternative to air travel you might realize that every place that has tried high-speed rail service has found that it is many times more expensive than was originally proposed.  Even the ludicrous Governor of California just abandoned his hopes for the completion of their high-speed rail system between Los Angeles and San Francisco citing the tremendous cost of the project.  Now imagine what the cost would be and the logistical problems would be if every city in California was to be linked to the system.  In addition, consider how much private land would have to be taken from its owners by eminent domain to complete such a project.

And that is just in one state, imagine if every city with an airport in the United States had to be linked together with high-speed rail.  The mere idea is not just unreasonable, it is ludicrous.   Maybe it could be accomplished in a thousand years but not in ten.

Banning of all automobiles with the exception of fully electric cars is almost as insane.  Just the massive outlay of money that it would take to replace all the gasoline or diesel powered vehicles would be astronomical.  Sure the top 1% which the left is constantly vilifying might be able to afford to convert their vehicles to electric, but the cost would be prohibitive for the elderly and poor population that the left likes to pretend to protect.

But let’s leave that for now and look at other parts of this pie in the sky proposal.  It also asks that all use of oil, natural gas, and nuclear power be done away with within the ten year period.  One might wonder why they specifically want to outlaw nuclear power since it is one of the cleanest ways to produce power.  And while they mention doing away with nuclear, there is no mention of doing away with coal.  Amazing when you stop and think about it.  I am sure that was just an oversight.

Now if you think that you can afford to convert or buy a new automobile that is 100% electric, can you also afford to replace your gas furnace, your gas hot water tank, your gas cooking stove, your gasoline-powered lawn mower, weed eater and leaf blower?  And of course, you would no longer have an alternate generator in case the electric power that keeps you warm or cool and allows you to cook your meals fails as we all know happens from time to time.

And don’t forget that the unemployment rate will skyrocket when all those working in the petroleum industry no longer have jobs, not to mention those that work in related industries.

It is already estimated that the unemployment rate will climb to around 20% by the year 2030 because of advances in technology.  We are seeing much of that when we go to the grocery store and see only one or two lanes open for those that refuse to use automated cashiers.  How high will the unemployment rate be if The Green New Deal becomes a reality?

And they don’t stop there.  It seems they also take umbrage with cows and the fact that they fart methane gas.  So to put a stop to that pollution they would mandate that all cows be slaughtered.  But of course they wouldn’t stop there, pigs, horses, bison, elephants, deer, moose, caribou, and any other large animal would have to be killed to stop their polluting the planet.

I do hope that you are willing to become a vegan for there will be no meat to eat unless of course, you become a cannibal.  And that might not even be a viable alternative since they are suggesting killing not only babies but anyone that is over the age of eighty years old.  And eventually, they would get around to culling the rest of the populations as well, in their attempt to save the planet from greenhouse gases.

Be honest do these ideas make sense to you.  Pick even one of them and think about it seriously, can you honestly support such a thing?  Now put all of these ideas into one bill and ask yourself how insane would a congressional delegate or Senator have to be to vote for the bill?  But then again look at the morons that we have voted into public office.  Is the idea so far fetched?

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