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Whoopi Goldberg Deserves to Be Fired After This HATEFUL ATTACK on Ivanka

hateful whoopi goldberg attacks Ivanka Trump

Hateful Whoopi Goldberg lost the little credibility she had left when she attacked President Trump’s daughter Ivanka.

Goldberg has been attacking Donald Trump for months on The View. This week, she reached a point of no return when she went after the president’s children, criticizing Trump for giving his daughter Ivanka a position in the White House.

“I think the implication is that she has her father’s ear and she may be doing things behind the White House doors that we’re not knowledgeable about,” Sunny Hostin commented.

“Well, she must be whispering, because he doesn’t seem to be listening,” Whoopi shot back.

“This wasn’t a role we gave her,” Sara Haines chimed in. “Throughout the campaign, she touted herself as an advocate for women’s rights and the environment. And as we’ve seen with the nomination of Pruitt at the EPA, they’re rolling back things for the sake of ‘deregulating’ and rolling back women’s reproductive freedoms.”

“Can we just call this what it is?” Hostin pressed. “This is pure and simple nepotism. Should she even be in this position? She is the daughter of the president. Why is she in the White House? We didn’t vote for Ivanka Trump.”

“It’s like going to the hospital and having the Candy Stripers do the surgery,” Behar added in a tasteless attempt at a joke.

Clearly, the liberal hosts don’t realize that Ivanka Trump is an educated businesswoman who has been immensely successful throughout her life.

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  1. Really this group shouldn’t even be on TV No less start spewing things about Ivanka’s qualifications regarding her current position in the white house. She is more qualified and has more composure than theses cackling hens. By the way can this group talk about ANYTHING else. I don’t watch the View and never will I work for a living and yes I am a LEGAL immigrant, but all I ever see and hear about this show “If you can call it that ” is a bunch of bitter hags bashing the POTUS and his family. Either get new writers or get more creative. There are other things to talk about than your personal opinions. I have not seen any of your contributions to the immigration issues so why don’t you all take in some illegal Muslims into your personal homes than after they can support themselves without government help then let’s hear how you feel. You have enough money now donate your time and home instead. Oh and you don’t get to choose the immigrants no back ground checks and such why should you not give them their right to privacy you expect the rest of the world to be trusting. I would expect the same from you.

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