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Why Does She Walk Like That? Something Wrong With Her? The Latest Video Of Kamala Harris Sparks A Lot Of Speculations

VP Harris again told another suspicious story and this time it involves the GSW.

The VP revealed that she even ditched her security detail and got out of a moving car to attend a Warriors game.

“I have a fond memory of a particular playoff game in Oakland at Oracle,” Harris said. “So, we were headed to the game but stuck in stand-still traffic. We were worried that we were going to miss the tipoff. Now I was the Attorney General of California at the time and to the dismay of my security detail, I decided to jump out of the car… and take BART instead. Got on a jam-packed train with all the other fans, we got to the game on time, and yes the Warriors did win. It was a glorious day, and I even caught my Lakers fan husband cheering them on.”

She also made an awkward scene this week as she and President Joe Biden met with the Golden State Warriors to celebrate the team’s NBA championship win, RadarOnline.com has learned.

The uncomfortable incident took place on Tuesday as the Warriors visited the White House to meet with the president and vice president and take pictures.

Biden awkwardly got down on one knee in front of Kamala in such a way that made the crowd think he was “proposing”, or at least pretending to.

Absolute historic levels of cringe ensued.

Video below:

As Biden got down on one knee, Kamala awkwardly yelled “I’m not doing that!”, followed by her signature cackle.

But this administration is all about promo videos and it seems that they can’t get them right!

In her latest video from VP Harris, she is seen waking awkwardly and speculation started online.

Video below:

The reactions online are just too rude for our site to publish but still, it’s nice to see that Kamala gets the “attention” she deserves.

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