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WTF: Turning Point USA Leader Calls Rave Scene at Annual Conference ‘Conservative Coachella’

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A leader of the Turning Point USA (TPUSA) organization is claiming that the rave scene at the organization’s Student Action Summit is “moving the needle” for conservative values.

TPUSA chief operating officer Tyler Bowser made the proclamation in a Twitter post comparing the rave put on by the group to Coachella, an annual festival where young people gather to give each other herpes and other STDs.

Bowser was immediately hammered by conservatives who were baffled at TPUSA’s mission.



TPUSA has done little to promote conservative values in actuality, preferring to woo young people with degeneracy rather than principles. This astroturfed front is partying while America burns, with TPUSA doing little if anything to push back against the vote steal other than offer lip service.

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MyPillow Mike Lindell