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2020 Presidential Candidate Defends Protesters Replacing American Flag With Mexican Flag at ICE Center (Video)

There are many liberals around that are protesting the ongoing ICE raids.

About 2,000 protesters concerned about potential ICE raids this weekend in Denver and the treatment of immigrants at detention camps across the country demonstrated at an Aurora ICE detention facility on Friday.

Leftist anti-ICE protesters are so anti-American and unpatriotic that a group of them removed a U.S. flag and replaced it with a Mexican flag outside an ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) facility in Aurora, Colorado.

Hundreds of protesters also removed a “Blue Lives Matter” flag and vandalized it by spray-painting the words “Abolish ICE” across it before raising the flag upside-down on a pole next to the flag of Mexico.

We all know this is wrong but what is even worse is the fact that 2020 presidential candidate John Hickenlooper refuses to condemn this situation.

Hickenlooper, a former governor of Colorado, addressed the events in a Sunday interview on Fox News’ America’s News Headquarters.

“Is that is something that, as a moderate, needs to be condemned?” Leland Vittert asked, in regards to the protest.

“I certainly respect the American flag. In my whole life, I have been fighting to make this country and to make sure that this country welcomes everyone and that the flag represents everyone. I’m old enough I remember when people were burning the flag in protest of the Vietnam War,” Hickenlooper answered. “The amazing thing about this country is we are the one place on Earth, or one of the few places on Earth, where that level of freedom of speech is still protected so I may not approve of it, but I think that that freedom is something we as Americans should recognize and say, ‘Hey, that’s part of our core freedom.’”

Vittert responded, “I appreciate walking the line and as you point out there is a way to say I defend your right to do it, but I find the behavior abhorrent. Are you willing to say that doing that and ripping down the American flag over a facility in running up the Mexican flag is wrong? Doesn’t send the right message? Is not what is going to unite us as you say is so important?”

“I think there are better ways to unite us, there is no question about that,” Hickenlooper stated. “You will find all kinds of things that — it’s not a question of whether you are progressive or a moderate I feel like the progressive things that we’ve accomplished in Colorado are very — I’m an extreme moderate they are very progressive.”

Watch the video below:

Burning the American flag should be punishable by law, simple as that!