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A Delivery Driver Punch And Knock Down A Rare Philly Concealed Carry Permit Holder – The Gun Owner Makes The Wrong Move (Video)

A man accused of shooting a delivery driver during a fight over parking turned himself in to Philadelphia police Friday morning, a source with direct knowledge of the investigation told NBC10’s Deanna Durante.

The man is accused of pulling out a gun and firing after getting into a fistfight with a delivery driver who was making a pick-up Thursday afternoon at 17th and Chestnut streets in Rittenhouse Square, one of the city’s most popular and busiest shopping districts.

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A witness told said that the driver was double-parked and blocking a couple in another car.

“Wasn’t even a parking space. The guy was double-parked beside him. Didn’t want to pull up ten feet so the guy could get out of the car,” the witness said.

Police said the delivery driver and the man began to argue and it soon turned physical.

The delivery driver knocked the man unconscious in the fight, police said. When the man regained consciousness, he pulled out a gun and opened fire, shooting the driver in the face and back. The gunman fled in a small white van with a woman inside.

“It was a consensual fight between two parties. It looks like the delivery driver did knock him to the ground,” Philadelphia Police Department Capt. John Walker said. “And obviously he got upset over the fact that he was knocked to the ground and lost the fight. Again, just swallow your pride, get in your car and go home with your person that you’re with instead of pulling out a gun and trying to correct the situation. That’s not going to fix anything.”

Police say Curtis has been charged with attempted murder, aggravated assaut and related charges.

Police say the victim was shot multiple times. He was transported to Jefferson Hospital and placed in critical condition.

“I just heard three shots,” one man said. “It’s scary, it’s really scary,”

The man was had concealed carry permit and was in shock after shooting the man!
People who live and work in Center City reacted after the gunman involved in Thursday’s shooting turned himself in to police.

“He knew he did wrong. Too many people probably seen him so he did the right thing,” said Linda Whitmore, who works in Center City.

Exactly 24 hours after the shooting, Eyewitness News found vehicles parking in the right of way all along Chestnut Street, including food delivery drivers double-parking in the same area where Thursday’s food delivery driver had double-parked before he was shot.

“It’s called ignorance, man. It’s called people don’t care about the next man,” Gregory Robinson said.

“Nobody really cares anymore about anyone else. It’s all about what they’re doing,” Logan Yost said.

Others add they want to see an end to gun violence.

“It wasn’t worth doing something like that,” one woman said.

At the start of this week, police reported that there have been over 440 shooting incidents this year.

Our verdict:

The gun owner made the wrong move because he will now lose his gun permit and will end up in jail for a couple of years, he’s lucky that the guy didn’t die.