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Actress Posts Cropped Photos From Obama-Era to Blame President Trump for Torturing The “children” At The Border

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) revealed on Monday what she told President Trump during her phone call to him Friday night before he called off the ICE raids.

According to reports by CNN and the Associated Press, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) called President Trump on Friday evening and requested he call off the ICE raids…and he listened to her.

Apparently, Pelosi made it all about the illegal alien children. Pelosi also miscounted how many grandchildren she has and had to correct herself.

“Children are scared. You’re scaring the children of America, not just in those families but their neighbors and their communities. You’re scaring the children”

But the left can’t stop there they are even faking photos to blame President Trump for the conditions on the border!

From the Epoch Times:

Actress Nancy Lee Grahn has falsely accused President Donald Trump of poor border facility conditions by posting photos that were actually taken under the Obama administration.

Grahn, who is known for her role in “General Hospital,” claims the photos were recently taken and that the Trump administration was torturing the “children.”

The photos in question, which show detainees sleeping or sitting on the floor of the facility wrapped in aluminum emergency blankets, were actually taken from 2015. But the actress had posted a version of the photo with the time and date cropped out.

“Trump administration is forcing children 2 sleep on cement floor with an aluminum blanket & lights on all night. Sarah Fabian from DOJ argued in court that it was good enough & soap was unnecessary. Companies making 750 a kid a day to torture them,” Grahn wrote in her tweet on June 21.

The post garnered a lot of attention with over 34,500 retweets and more than 38,000 likes as of June 24.

Many people were quick to call the actress out for the misleading photos.

“30,000 retweets for this total lie. These pictures are from 2015 and Nancy cropped the time stamp out of the top left. This only further proves the media took an 8 year nap under Obama,” conservative commentator Caleb Hull wrote.

“In her tweet, you can even see that she didn’t fully crop out the black box covering the beginning of the time stamp I posted above. It doesn’t get much worse than this, folks. Fake news is the enemy of the people,” he said in another post.

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