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American Justice! Vigilantes Take Matters Into Their Own Hands at Queens NY House Where Homeowner Was Arrested for Confronting Squatters

A New York City homeowner was arrested for unlawful eviction after arguing with squatters who, she says, stole her $1 million home last month.

The New York Police Department took Adele Andaloro, 47, into custody after she attempted to change the locks on her Queens property that she inherited following her parents’ deaths, ABC Eyewitness News reported Monday. The standoff between Andaloro and the squatters occurred on February 29.
Adele Andaloro, the homeowner, was handcuffed and arrested following a standoff with the squatters who illegally occupied her family home in Flushing, Queens.

In New York City, squatters can claim tenant rights after living on a property for 30 days. This tenant-protection law is much more generous than the one in New York’s statewide law, which requires squatters to remain on a property for ten years before gaining such rights.

If the woke policies failed the American justice still works!

A pair of vigilantes showed up in a pick-up truck (one was wearing a Trump t-shirt) to confront the squatters.

“We are looking to get this guy out,” one of the vigilantes told the Daily Mail. “I am here to talk to him. I want to see why he is here.”

Two of the squatters fled. One of the squatters covered her face as she left Andolaro’s home.

Andaloro, while trying to sell her home, said she first noticed a problem in February when the front door and locks were changed. “I’m really fearful that these people are going to get away with stealing my home,” she said in a video filmed by the local ABC outlet.

To evict a squatter, a property owner must send a ten-day eviction notice and then file a court complaint if the order is disregarded. If a judge approves the complaint, the owner can obtain a summons and have the squatter evicted. Andaloro said this process was tedious and would take too long to resolve the problem.