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An Aspiring Police Officer Who Was Denied A Job Because He Was White, Wins Appeal

Matthew Furlong, 25, applied to join Cheshire Police but was rejected using the so-called “positive action” provisions in the Equality Act.

As Breitbart reported:

Mr. Furlong’s father complained about the decision and the case was taken to a tribunal which Mr. Furlong won, with the court deciding that he had been discriminated against on the basis of his race, sex, and sexual orientation, reports the Manchester Evening News.

The tribunal ruled that positive action can only be used in a so-called “tie break” situation in which two candidates for the role are equally qualified, and that did not apply in case of Mr. Furlong, who has a degree in particle physics and cosmology.

The would-be recruit said the experience had “completely shattered” his faith in the police recruitment system.

He went on say that had he lied and claimed he was bisexual, for example, he would probably have been accepted based on that lie at the first time of asking.

“I absolutely agree that a force should represent the equality and diversity of the community it serves but that must be achieved legitimately and without discriminating against anyone,” he added.

Julie Cooke, Deputy Chief Constable of Cheshire police, said: “We accept the findings of the tribunal and have looked very carefully at our entire recruitment practice. Action has been taken to change some of our processes and take account of the hearing’s result.”

Ms. Cooke claimed that at no point had the standards of the force’s recruits been reduced — although this would appear to be at odds with the tribunal’s ruling that they had turned down a high-quality candidate illegitimately in Mr. Furlong.

One friend of mine from Britain explained the whole situation:

A British court actually deciding in favour of a straight, white, male. That’s amazing. The decision to stop him joining is just one reason why our police service is the worst it has ever been. Police commissioners who are PC slaves of the establishment have destoyed the force in a very short time. May’s cuts have done damage aswell. She is a globalist and they want the breakdown of law and order,it’s part of their plan, so her cuts can be explained on that basis.

I guess it doesn’t mean anything anymore if a person is qualified for a job, as it appears that the color of your skin means more to get the job. Very sad. Then why do all these students go to college to get some kind of a degree to make sure they qualify for a top position in the working world?? Why should they waste their time and spend many dollars to get these degrees??