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Angel Mom to Pelosi: ‘Americans Are Sick of Nothing Being Done’ to Secure the Border (Video)

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Mainstream media is constantly ignoring parents that lost their children to illegal immigrants, that tells you that the MSM is not about news and information.
It’s reduced itself to be the Democrats’ agenda propaganda arm.

Angel Families have earned the right to be heard!

House Republicans invited Mary Ann Mendoza, mother of slain Sgt. Brandon Mendoza, to speak at a press conference on Capitol Hill on Tuesday. Sgt. Mendoza was killed five years ago in a head-on collision with an illegal alien who was driving drunk and high on meth. Mary Ann has since been an advocate for border security to prevent other American families from facing the same loss.

Watch the heartbreaking video below:

Well said, we need to all stand up for our rights as citizens and stop letting these people tell us how to think.

What I don’t understand is the reaction by the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi to when these Angel Mom and Dad’s speak. They act like they don’t care and it’s another death among many that have been done and committed by an Illegal.

And I know that is not a Party or a Person I want in office or representing me in the White House or anywhere or anyplace in our Government !! When they are more worried about the deaths of illegals coming across our borders, the deaths of American citizens already living in this country … there is something seriously wrong with and to their thinking.

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