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Bernie Sanders Says Government-Run Single Payer Health Care Would Require Tax Increases (Video)

Bernie Sanders finally admitted that Health Care for All will mean more taxes for most.

“What we have chosen not to do … is to tell you how I’m going to raise every nickel in a $3.5 trillion budget,” the Democratic presidential candidate said as he answered questions at a town hall in Manchester, New Hampshire. “That’s something that is going to have to be discussed. So I wanted to lay out the program as to what it would mean and to tell you that it will cost you and ordinary Americans a lot less than you are current spending [on heath care] on average.”

Video below:

So it’s not free as he promised, it will only be a burden for the hard working Americans.

Everything a Dem/Socialist proposes requires tax increases. That’s how I know liberals whining that their tax returns are lower is just another smear job on POTUS. Honestly, do they want lower taxes or their Green/Social programs? They can’t have both!! Someone has to pay.

Here is a question for everyone who wants single payer health care. For a great many of you, especially those intelligent enough to argue that although it would cost us more in taxes, it might save most of us money in the long run.

Most countries with ‘free’ healthcare pay more than 50% effective tax rates. So here’s my question for you.

What would your government have to promise you to get you to willingly hand over your entire paycheck?

If the government promised you free housing, free education, free healthcare, free transportation, free food, free utilities, etc, would you do it?

If you wouldn’t, why not?

If you would, how would you be any different than a slave?

For some reason, this question makes liberals uncomfortable, because so far, no one has ever answered these questions when I’ve asked them in the past. I welcome your thoughts.

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