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Biden Sneaks Up Behind Girl, Grabs Her Shoulders And Make His Signature “Predator” Move As The Secret Service Tries To Stop The Man Who’s Filming This Interaction – The Girl Looked Visibly Distressed (Video)

On Friday, the president appeared with leftwing heartthrob Rep. Katie Porter and minds were melted. Mostly his own…

What is a “Biden man” and a “Biden woman?”

Thus are the joys of having a senile president, I suppose. Another question here is why he’s out in California appearing with Porter. What possible political benefit could that offer? Especially when the topic is “lowering” costs for American families. Did Biden miss Thursday’s inflation report? Because it was horrific.

Of course, no sentient nor non-sentient human being is buying what he’s selling. The “Inflation Reduction Act” did absolutely nothing to reduce inflation.

But after presenting his lies he went into a “predator” move once again!

The president visited the community college to meet with older adults and tout his administration’s efforts to reduce inflation and drive down costs.

But as the visit came to an end, he stood to pose with some of those who had gathered to hear his remarks.

He has a habit of touching women and girls and sticking his schnoz inappropriately close to their hair for a sniff. We’re not even sure what to call this. Semi-olfascism?

Just the other day, he grabbed Nikki Fried’s hand and potentially snuck a sniff.

The latest appearance of Creepy Joe was much less subtle.

Biden grabbed a little girl by her shoulders and spoke into her ear like a complete pervert.

Not once has the fake news mainstream media condemned this.

The girl looked visibly distressed.

Video below:

True to form, Biden, placed his hands on a young woman from behind, held his nose very close to her head, and made jokes about dating. It’s one of his go-to lines.

For some unknown reason, a Secret Service agent seems to be concerned that a man is filming this interaction. Have they been told to try to keep a lid on Creepy Joe sightings? Who knows? You’ll have to make up your own minds.