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Black Lives Matter Activists Harass, Intimidate Asian Nail Salon – No MSM Coverage (Video)

The footage shows a gang wearing Original Black Panthers of Milwaukee jackets hollering at patrons of Jade’s Nails about “disrespecting the black community.”

“Look at him runnin’,” one BLM militant says to the Asian owner. “Why you runnin’?

The man continues to berate the owner for allegedly calling the police on one of their members.

“You disrespecting Black Lives Matter!” he shouts. “I’m here to tell you that’s going to stop!”

“He disrespects black women by calling them ‘bitches’!” continued. “That’s gonna stop! Do I make myself clear?”

The stunned owners try to avoid the confrontation but the BLM leader continues to harass them as the other members chuckle in the background.

“What’s your name sir? Look at him run and hide, he runnin’ and hidin’,” he says. “You ever disrespect a black woman again, we gonna shut you down.”

The group then began chanting “No justice, no peace” before leaving the establishment.

Video below:

What is really strange about this case that there is no media outrage, probably because the attack was committed by BLM itself.

Also, this doesn’t fit the mainstream media narrative on the ongoing “Black & Asian Solidarity” protests that are ongoing across America.

The Atlanta-area spa shootings claimed the lives of eight people, including six Asian women. This quickly became one of several shows of Black and Asian solidarity following the Atlanta-area shootings, as people banded together allegedly over a common goal: dismantling white supremacy.

Shortly after the attacks, the official Black Lives Matter account issued a statement denouncing attacks against Asian Americans. “When we call for the eradication of white supremacy, we are saying that Asian Americans, and every other marginalized racial group, deserves to be freed from the violence, intimidation and fear,” read the statement. “

This video kills the false narrative that all racist attacks are committed by whites.

FBI statistics and a plethora of other news items show blacks commit more crimes against Asians more than any other racial group.