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Black Trump Supporter Doxxed By Daily Beast Launches GoFundMe Page to Pay for Possible Legal Action Against The Website

In the 2016 election, 8% of black Americans voted for Trump. Since the economy has delivered for Black Americans, that vote share according to reliable latest polling is now 19%. However, more men than women intend to vote Republican.

I think that number will grow in time!

On Saturday the far left Daily Beast website doxxed a black conservative male for the ‘crime’ of posting the Nancy Pelosi meme video.

The Daily Beast, Kevin Poulsen said he went looking for the “Russian troll behind the ‘Drunk Pelosi’ viral video.”

It seems that the liberal logic is that if you attack Nancy Pelosi or you are supporting President Trump you must be brain dead Russian troll!

What they found was a black Trump supporter.

“Turns out he’s an itinerant forklift operator from the Bronx who’s been secretly running hard-right “news” outlets across social media for years. Also, not Russian,” Kevin Poulsen tweeted.

On Sunday Shawn Brooks responded to The Daily Beast for doxxing him.

Shawn also announced that he is raising money on a GoFundMe account to take legal action against The Daily Beast!

Spread this everywhere we must help this brave American!

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