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Border Town Sheriff Pulls Over Truck, Dash Cam Captures Something That The Dems Don’t Want You To See

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Congress would not do anything against illegals and crime caused by them.

We only have President Trump that is trying to do something about this huge problem but he is all alone!

The Dems are not stopping with their false narrative that there is nor invasion on our southern border, but the following video will prove that they are lying again!

The Brooks County Sheriff Department released a video of a traffic stop at the border on Friday.

According to the release, a deputy was pulling over a Ford F-250 that was reported stolen in Encino, Texas.

What happened next is quite shocking.

Perhaps some Republican Congressman should show that clip in the House so they can see what we are dealing with.

A stolen pickup with all those illegal aliens from 3rd world countries. The cop car needed to start shooting them.

When will all this stop? They are invading our country and the communist Democrats don’t care about the safety of American citizens!

It’s gonna take our elected officials to actually remember that they’re supposed to pass laws so this can’t happen.

Get the elected officials that do nothing to support America out!

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