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Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis Says He’ll Go To Jail Before He Takes Down His Oversized American Flag

So here is a guy Marcus Lemonis who came to America and became a citizen and fights to fly the American Flag, in the meantime, we have Kaepernick and Nike who use the Flag as a ploy to increase the sale of shoes by calling the flag Racist and intentionally being disrespectful because of greed. Something is definitely wrong with this picture.

Marcus is a CEO of Camping World and he says he won’t take down an oversized American flag he has flying over his RV dealership in Statesville, North Carolina, even if it means going to jail.

The city of Statesville is suing the dealership to remove the 40 by the 80-foot flag, saying it violates a local ordinance that limits flags to 25 by 40 foot, according to NBC’s WCNC.

“If I don’t take it down, I will be in violation of the court order. Ultimately, their reaction is from the city that I will go to jail,” Lemonis told Fox News’s Martha MacCallum Monday.

“The flag’s not coming down,” he added.

The flag is flying over Camping World-Gander RV along to Interstate 77. The city is threatening to fine Lemonis $50 per day retroactive to October 2018.

Lemonis said he flies oversized flags at all Camping World locations across the country.

“I don’t advocate an ordinance being broken period. Let’s start with that,” Lemonis told WCNC in May. “In this particular case, I feel like the ordinance was flawed. We’ve been challenging this for years.”

I support you sir 100% I will pray that you will prevail! So shameful that any American should have to fight to be able to fly our great flag!

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