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THEY FINALLY ADMIT IT! Chuck Schumer Admits Democrats Goal. This is Terrible (Video)

We are now all aware that Obama care was/is a disaster!! You either lost or had to pay a terrible price to have it, just so the welfare, illegals etc could have theirs and we, the working people, had to go without to pay for them! Obamacare has not offered anything new to the people for the majority of its existence and, furthermore, one high-ranking Democrat acknowledged that Obamacare even violated the law.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer D-N.Y. discussed the new economic agenda for the Democratic Party moving forward, and said on Sunday that a single-payer health care system is among the progressive items Democrats will explore for their agenda, saying Democrats had been too “namby-pamby” in the past.

On ABC’s “This Week,” Schumer previewed the Democrats’ “A Better Deal” agenda they are rolling out Monday as they seek to show voters they have a message beyond opposing President Donald Trump, Free Beacon reported.

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“Week after week, month after month, we’re going to roll out specific pieces here that are quite different than the Democratic Party you heard in the past,” he said. “We were too cautious. We were too namby-pamby. This is sharp, bold, and will appeal to both the old Obama coalition … and the Democratic voters who deserted us for Trump.”

Host George Stephanopoulos pointed out Schumer’s colleague Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D., N.Y.) had called for a single-payer system, and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) has consistently called for Democrats to embrace the measure.

After Schumer predicted the Obamacare repeal measure being pushed by Republican leaders will not pass, he said single-payer would be among the “broader things” Democrats would look at in their agenda.

“Then we’re going to look at broader things. Single-payer is one of them,” Schumer said.

“So that is on the table?” ABC host George Stephanopoulos said.

“Sure, many things are on the table,” Schumer said. “Medicare for people above 55 is on the table. Buy into Medicare is on the table. Buy into Medicaid is on the table. On the broader issues, we will start examining them once we stabilize the system.”

Oh really, after fooling Americans for eight years with Obamacare mumbo jumbo, who is trying to fool this corporate puppet?


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