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CIA, DOJ and FBI Started Targeting the Trump Campaign in 2015 And Comey Lied That It Was July 2016

WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 04: U.S. President Barack Obama speaks about gun control during a meeting with top law enforcement officials, U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey (R) in the Oval Office at the White House January 4, 2016 in Washington, DC. President Obama talked about his options using executive actions on stricter gun control laws. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

That is a monstrous problem. In the current federal “justice” system, the FBI “investigates” and the DOJ “prosecutes”….

I imagine any FBI “investigation” will find that all the normal and customary procedures were followed” and “no reasonable prosecutor would take the case”….

Plus the DOJ would decline to prosecute. Perhaps citing “insufficient resources” to assign to the “matter”.

There is no fixing that level of corruption.

Today another level o corruption was confirmed in the FBI, CIA and the DOJ.

As the Gateway Pundit reported the US Senate released over 500 pages of information related to the Spygate scandal. Hidden in the information were unredacted Strzok – Page texts that show the FBI initiated actions to insert multiple spies in the Trump campaign in December 2015.

According to far left LA Times, Comey stated in March of 2017 under oath that the FBI investigation into the Trump – Russia scandal started in July 2016. Now we know without a doubt that Comey lied about this.

A text message released by the US Senate showed words that were redacted when the FBI released the same texts long ago. The texts show evidence of collusion and wrongdoing by Obama’s FBI.

Falco referred to texts released between corrupt FBI investigator Peter Strzok to corrupt FBI attorney Lisa Page stating the following –
1) BOMBSHELL- From DECEMBER 2015–The word LURES is redacted by FBI but not OIG


OCONUS= Outside Contiguous US

LURES= In this context LURES = SPIES – multiple

Is this an admission that the FBI wanted to run a baited Sting Op using foreign agents against Trump? pic.twitter.com/OtLxlOEGsV

— Falco (@Nick_Falco) June 4, 2018

Additional information we also provided showed that Obama’s spy, Stefan Halper, was awarded a contract in September of 2015.

Jeff Carlson at the Epoch Times who obtained a copy of Nellie Ohr’s testimony to Congress, that Nellie, who was a CIA agent, started working against Trump in 2015 –

The implication here is that Nellie Ohr approached Fusion-GPS owner Glenn Simpson for a job; essentially to work on political opposition research files Fusion-GPS was assembling in 2015. This is distinctly different from Glenn Simpson seeking out Nellie Ohr, and opens the entire background to larger ramifications.

Our research has always indicated that Nellie’s work product was transmitted to Christopher Steele as part of an intelligence laundry process. Chris Steele laundered Nellie’s information, provided second verification where possible, formatted into an official intelligence file, and returned that file -now named the Steele Dossier- to the FBI.

However, if it becomes verified that it was CIA contracted (former or current) Nellie Ohr who approached Simpson, then it becomes possible, perhaps likely, the intelligence information (seeds carried by Nellie), originated from the CIA.

The FBI and CIA were used as weapons against various Republican candidates, most notably Donald Trump…and he won ANYWAY!!!

Thank God for the American people. Now we need justice. Let’s see if the legal establishment is up to it. If not then we’re on a road to some kind of Revolution.

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