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CNN Publish Obama Admin Official Conspiracy Theory: Trump Will Be Removed by Military If He Refuses to Admit Defeat in 2020

On Saturday, an op-ed piece was published by liberally-run CNN, which was penned by a former Obama White House official who is calling for planning, which includes the United States Military as well as state rebellions, if President Donald Trump will not “peacefully” leave his post as President if he does not win the 2020 election and will not accept the results of the election.

The Gateway Pundit explains that “While the Obama official does not use the phrase ‘civil war,’ it is the name for the rebellion of states and the military that he calls for if Trump will not ‘peacefully’ hand over the reins of government on January 20, 2021, following an election defeat. Curiously, the op-ed comes the day after a 2018 election for  a Congressional seat in North Carolina was vacated due to fraud and a new election ordered to take place by the State Board of Elections.”

The CNN op-ed, headlined, What If Trump Refuses to Accept Defeat in 2020?, is authored by Joshua A. Geltzer who served at the National Security Council for Obama’s last two years in office as the Obama administration abused the national security apparatus of the federal government to spy on the Trump campaign in order to thwart Trump’s election and, failing that, to then try to stop Trump’s inauguration and, failing that, to try to bring about his removal from office through impeachment or the 25th Amendment.

This reminds me of the old joke where the guy asks the beatnik why he’s banging a tambourine at a busy city street corner. The beatnik says he is keeping the tigers away. ”But there are no tigers anywhere around here,” the guy says. ”See, it’s working.” replies the beatnik.

Joshua A. Geltzer is delusional he is fighting an invisible enemy because Trump will win anyway in 2020 so his op-ed is pure fantasy!