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CNN’s Chris Cuomo Allowed Liberal Guest To Call Donald Trump Jr. “Fredo” (Video)

The video, which surfaced Monday evening, shows the CNN anchor flipping out on an individual who referred to him as “Fredo”.

“No. Punk ass bitches on the right call me Fredo. My name is Chris Cuomo. I’m an anchor on CNN,” Cuomo said. “Fredo is from The Godfather. He was the weak brother.”

Donald Trump Jr. jumped into the fray Monday night and said of the video of Cuomo circulating on Twitter, “I assume CNN not available for comment. Imagine their coverage of this if they were a real news organization?”

CNN backed Cuomo claiming he was merely defending himself against an “ethnic slur,” referring to the “Fredo” nickname.

CNN’s spox Matt Dornic responded to Don Jr and said CNN completely supports Cuomo.

Chris Cuomo didn’t say a word when ”Fredo” was used against Donald Trump Jr. in January.

The left forgot about this video where Anna Navarro uses it against the President’s son and Cuomo promotes it in his show’s twitter feed.

Watch the video below:

How about that, Fredo was comfortable with the term on his own show being used against a Republican, but when it was used on him he went into an Alec Baldwin meltdown.

Typical left winger.

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