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Conductor Tears The Sign From Climate Terrorists With One Hand And Continues To Conduct With One Hand – Watch How The National Philharmonic Audience Reacted

It’s so bizarre to me that climate activists literally do the things that are most likely to royally tick people off and drive them away from their cause.

They’re either out there destroying priceless pieces of art or blocking major roadways.

None of which actually do ANYTHING to help the environment.

The woke climate activists are the worst problem of modern society.

Their actions don’t get good approval from normal people, but hardly anyone fights them back lately!

So it’s amazingly satisfying when normal people push back. It’s so satisfying that you might applaud when someone does fight back, like at this concert of the National Philharmonic celebrating conductor Antoni Wit’s 80th birthday and 60 years of serving Poland with music.

Wit was conducting the orchestra, when climate protestors jumped on stage holding a sign that read “Last Generation.”

Showcasing his mastery, Wit continued to conduct with one hand while tearing the sign away from the protestors with the other.

The crowd erupts in applause, and then security drags off the protestors.

The music never misses a beat.

Watch the video below:

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